Mini-Critters opens second location serving downtown Sioux Falls


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – A household name for pet owners in Sioux Falls has now added a second location; Mini-Critters opened a new retail store on Minnesota Avenue in August.

“It’s a diva, it’s her breed,” said Suzanne Yed, owner of the Sioux Falls dog.

Pearl and her mother Suzanne are regulars at Mini-Critters.

“I usually matched it. She usually has a coordinating harness collar and leash, ”Yed said. “I also like to give her funny t-shirts and treats, she’s a good girl she really is.”

She is one of the many customers who come to visit the new store.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Yed said. “This location is so much more convenient.”

“We wanted to come back to the central part of the city, focus on the downtown area, focus on the central part where the hospitals are located and where a large part of the population lives,” said Ryan Oaks, owner of Mini. -Critters.

After 43 years of operating on 49th Street, Oaks and his wife decided it was time to open a second location to better serve the city’s growing pet population.

“We have a herd of people coming to this community every day, especially from the east coast, the west coast,” Oaks said. “And every family now has a type of pet.”

From dog dishes and cat toys to bird food, Mini-Critters’ second store has more retail space to serve all types of animals, in an effort to provide much-needed service. at the new location.

“The grooming is going to be a big part of that, there aren’t a lot of grooming salons in this part of town, now we just need to find a good groomer that we can add to our group,” Oaks said.

This second location will not have the hotel and boarding as the 49th Street location of Mini-Critters, but it will have a product that Mini Critters is known for, live animals. From cuddly critters to scales, they have a great selection of live animals and new pets ready to be brought home to their new store.

“The fish will actually be in there tomorrow,” Oaks said. “The biggest increase as far as pet adoptions believe it or not were snakes.”

Mini-Critters saw their business increase during the pandemic as more people added pets to the family and made a point of buying locally. He says he hopes the local store effort continues in the Sioux Falls community as more locally owned stores move to town.

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