Mutilated dog, not a single one injured at Miami-Dade boarding school this year

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida. – After the maim death of a labradoodle at a Northeast Miami-Dade pet boarding house over the weekend, another pet owner comes forward to say his dog also suffered injuries at the Pet Poodle Resort and Spa earlier this year.

Ryan Udelson told Local 10 News on Tuesday evening that his beloved dog Ralphy was mutilated at the facility, located northeast of 24th Place, while on a weekend family trip of Memorial Day. He said the establishment took a day to inform him.

“The owner had told us that another dog had violently attacked him the day before and that the dog had been dead for a day,” Udelson said.

Daniella Benshabbat has a similar story to Udelson. Fortunately, her dog, Louie, survived.

Benshabbat said when she picked up Louie from the facility after putting him up in February, he started limping.

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“I come home to find the dog had dried blood all over his chest and paw,” she said. “Underneath was pure flesh.”

Benshabbat said she spent hours and hundreds of dollars with an emergency vet and despite her initial promises to pay, she never heard from the owner of the Pet Poodle Resort and Spa.

“I sent him the vet bill, I sent him pictures, he didn’t respond,” Benshabbat said.

She posted a warning in the company’s online reviews.

“I was trying to prevent this from happening to other people,” she said.

Local 10 News spent Wednesday contacting the owner of the establishment, but he dodged our calls and never showed up at the establishment.

Udelson said he filed a police report and hired an attorney.

“I owe it to Ralphy, so it doesn’t happen to other dogs and other families don’t need to go through this,” he said.

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