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In August, the blackberry bushes near Joanne Turner’s house burst with berries and are extremely popular with resident pickers.

Lining the popular Brighton Avenue footpath in Oak Bay, they had become unruly and needed some serious grooming, Turner admitted. But when city crews hacked into the blackberries, it revealed a rainbow of bags of dog poop hanging like ornaments among the remaining brambles.

Turner ripped them off and piled them on the corner to make a point, leaving a filled pylon, sign and trash can beyond its edge.

She answered many answers while digging through the prickly remains to collect over 100 of the bags. Passers-by insisted they never would and lamented the community litter bugs. It was no huge surprise to Turner whose husband picked a few from their garden, beside the path and probably threw a little too hard in or over the brush.

“It’s disgusting and not just that it’s illegal to litter,” Turner said.

All dog feces must be picked up and disposed of by the dog owner in accordance with Oak Bay Animal Control Regulations. Dog feces can contribute to the spread of disease, create a harmful environment and should not be allowed to enter storm drains.

The settlement provides for a $50 fine for failure to remove feces.

This includes pooping on public or private property (not owned by the pet’s owner). The dog owner or person in charge of the animal is expected to promptly remove the excrement, secure it in a waterproof bag and place it in a municipal waste bin.

In a twist of consideration for irresponsible dog walkers, Turner notes that there are no trash cans nearby.

“People don’t want to wear it any longer than necessary and there are no trash cans,” Turner noted. She hopes the district will consider installing one.

Turner reported the Oak Bay rule violation and received an automated response noting a backup of calls due to COVID-19. Enforcement of the regulations is focused on health and safety issues, and minor complaints related to the regulations are not being addressed at this time, the automated response noted.

Oak Bay uses Victoria Animal Control Services to enforce its animal control regulations, including the requirement to remove faeces. Report issues by phone at 250-414-0233 or in person at 564 David St.

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