Nestlé Purina PetCare named one of the best dog-friendly companies



List considered if dogs are allowed in the office, pet leave, pet allowance, and pet amenities

ST. LOUIS – Wouldn’t it be great to bring your four-legged friend to work with you? A company in St. Louis offers this, and it was just named one of the best dog-accepting companies of 2021 by The Dog People.

Nestlé Purina Petcare in downtown St. Louis ranks 8th on the list. Factors like whether dogs are allowed in the building, pet leaves, pet allowances, and pet amenities helped decide the winners, and Nestle has them all.

According to The Dog People, Nestlé Purina offers a stipend of $ 200 when you adopt a new pet. They also grant an extra day of leave for any bereavement of a pet. If Fido needs a place to go, the downtown Nestlé Purina campus has a dog park. They also hold the world record for the most pets in one office at a time, according to the list.

“Recent Rover Survey Finds 77% of American Pet Parents Make Work For A Dog Friendly Business Even More Important After Spending So Much Time With Their Dogs During The Pandemic,” The Dog People wrote. about this listing. “Being ‘dog friendly’ means more than just allowing dogs in the office these days, especially since so many people are now working remotely.”

Amazon took first place on the list. The company also has a dog park on campus and offers discounted pet insurance. Athenahealth, Trupanion, Kinship and PetDesk round out the top five.

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