New totals in Blight case, 197 dogs, 50 cars, 10 guns

Feb. 5 – TRAVERSE CITY – According to Grand Traverse Animal Control, 197 dogs were found on degraded property, located at 3680 Supply Road in Traverse City.

Jamie Croel, Grand Traverse County Animal Control Supervisor, updated previously released totals on Thursday to say that 163 dogs were found alive and 34 dogs died, including four younger puppies and an older pup who is not unresponsive who were euthanized at Bay Area Pet Hospital.

The ages of the dogs ranged from one day old to older dogs.

As previously reported, there were 126 dogs found inside the home, 36 outside. There were 32 dead dogs, inside and outside the house. The cleanup team also found two dogs that died over the weekend in a bag of dog food, where other dead dogs were also found, and in buckets. A dog appears to have been shot.

Of the 163, Croel said seven dogs received emergency treatment, five directly at the scene, on a Monday and Tuesday.

Four were a litter of puppies, who were “lethargic and listless and ended up having (canine parvovirus)” and were around eight weeks old or younger and one was a dog who was found unresponsive, which she described as ” an older puppy”, around four to six months. All of those dogs were euthanized at Bay Area Pet Hospital, she said.

The other two were female dogs who had to undergo pyrometric surgery, which is emergency spaying to stop an infection, who are currently undergoing treatment at Bay Area Pet Hospital.

Croel said all of the dogs, except for the two from Bay Area Pet Hospital and one they had to trap, which is at a local shelter, are currently housed at the Cherryland Humane Society.

Cherryland is able to accommodate dogs with emergency crates, having sent their adoptable dogs to foster homes and other shelters to make room for new dogs that are considered evidence in legal proceedings.

Capt. Randy Fewless of the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department said everything that needs to be done with the dogs has been done at this point, but they will keep the investigation open until the court process is complete in should further details arise.

Croel said she estimates some of the dogs will be ready to be taken in within a week, which she says is pretty quick, but it could depend on the situation as some of the dogs could be pregnant.

When they found the dogs, Croel said, they had poor grooming and husbandry and no veterinary work. She said they had fleas, internal parasites and worms, matted coats, dental issues and neglected nails.

She said their vet hadn’t confirmed if the dogs were dehydrated, but one of the first things they noticed was from Friday all the dogs were extremely thirsty from the frozen water bowls. When it comes to the dogs’ medical stability, Croel said they’re getting there.

“We feel more comfortable, let’s put it that way. There are still things to work on,” she said.

Croel said the best way people can help right now is to donate money and supplies for the care of dogs, which will need to be neutered and neutered, and booster shots. She also said they need volunteers, people with experience with dogs, to help out at Cherryland, and people to adopt the dogs when the time comes.

Since Grand Traverse County only has three animal control officers, Croel said she is grateful to the counties of Clare, Charlevoix, Kalkaska, Otsego, Roscommon and Wexford, as well as the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, who participated in helping the Grand Traverse Health Department. and Animal Control, as well as those who donated for animal care, which she says has been invaluable support.

At this point, according to East Bay Township Zoning Administrator Preston Taylor, the township has essentially completed clearing the property, with the exception of a large fifth wheel towed camper that has a sliding bulkhead. who won’t slide in the motorhome because of its age and it’s full of garbage. He said the final total of vehicles found on the property was 50, with 45 automobiles, including cars, trucks, three RVs and three towed motor homes, not included in the 45 as they could not drive, and five motorcycles.

Taylor said the township has no authority to clean the house or garage. The home was condemned by the Grand Traverse County Health Department, which gave owners Raymond Roy and Mary Feagles 10 days, until Feb. 8, to vacate.

Few people said multiple long guns were found on the property, but turned over to family or family friends. He said there were no obvious criminal offenses related to the weapons found by police.

Taylor said he believed there were approximately 10 long guns found in several vehicles and some in the house, including a new Winchester 12-gauge shotgun, and believed there were also handguns, but that he did not know how many or what they were.

“I don’t know precisely because I wasn’t there. We weren’t interested in the – obviously – unless it was illegal weapons of a certain type, which is not “We weren’t interested in those because they weren’t illegal for him to possess,” Fewless said. The family removed them to “keep them”, he said.

According to a press release issued by Grand Traverse County, donations still needed include small bites of dog food, canned dog food, cleaning supplies, XL potty pads, calming spray, toilet paper, printing paper and monetary donations for medical care.

Donations may be accepted at Cherryland Humane Society, Grand Traverse County Animal Control Offices, East Bay Township Offices, and Kalkaska Animal Control Offices, with monetary donations going to Grand Traverse County Animal Control and the Cherryland Humane Society, which also hosts an online Facebook effort, which has raised $26,206 so far.

The Huntington Bank, located at 201 State Street in Charlevoix, is also accepting donations.

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