Newborn only wants to cuddle with a golden retriever: “He’s a puppy now”


It is quite natural for infants to bond with mom and dad. Yet there is no such thing as the bond a baby has with their first pet.

Although certain precautions should be taken, it is perfectly safe for a household with young children to have a dog. Most pets wouldn’t harm a child on purpose, and dogs are even instinctively likely to become protective of them. It’s no wonder that TikTok mom Carly’s golden retriever is totally comfortable around her newborn baby.

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“The best buds in the making,” the mother wrote in the caption.

The golden retriever was lying on the couch as Carly’s newborn baby snuggled up against the dog. Both were the image of comfort.

But when dad picked up the baby, he immediately started to fuss. Dad tried to comfort the little guy, but the newborn didn’t have it. When the father put the baby back in his place with the dog, the toddler immediately stopped crying.

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The adorable video has racked up 11.4 million views on TikTok.

“Well, you lost that baby. It’s a puppy now,” one user joked.

“The baby is like, ‘excuse me you’re not hot and furry, hand me over’,” another said.

“Your golden is so respectful when you pick up the baby and then so grateful when you put it back,” someone wrote.

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