Now you can get matching Halloween outfits for you and your dog


Boohoo has launched a line of pet-friendly costumes with human versions also available, meaning owners and their dogs can go and play together.

Legally Blonde fans can pick up a miniature dog-friendly version of Elle Woods’ iconic pink outfit. The knitted dog outfit costing £ 15 looks like a pink turtleneck sweater and has a big ‘H’ on the back.

You can serve up a Legally Blonde inspired look this Halloween (Credit: Boohoo)

The human version is more closely inspired by the pink costume of Elle Woods. The Halloween Crop PU Blazer and Crop PU Skirt will help anyone capture the essence of the world’s favorite Delta Nu sorority sister turned lawyer.

Have you ever thought about dressing your dog like another dog breed? We think this could be a great Halloween costume choice and luckily for dog owners around the world, you can. Boohoo sells a Dalmatian print catsuit for £ 20.

The matching knitted dog version is sure to turn heads this Halloween. It can be bought for £ 12.

This outfit duo was inspired by 101 Dalmatians (Credit: Boohoo)
This outfit duo was inspired by 101 Dalmatians (Credit: Boohoo)

If you want to dress like something spooky rather than a movie character, Boohoo sells matching skeleton costumes for humans and their fur babies.

The skeleton knit sweater dress costs £ 18 and is a great option for a simple and elegant spooky aesthetic. The dog version is priced at £ 10 and has a similar skeleton print – and we all know dogs love bones.

Throw a bone to a dog this Halloween (Credit: Boohoo)
Throw a bone to a dog this Halloween (Credit: Boohoo)

Boohoo also sells matching Halloween accessories to pair with your new pumpkin season outfits. You can buy black feather wings for you and your dog for just £ 10.20 each.

He's a spider dog (Photo credit: Boohoo)
He’s a spider dog (Photo credit: Boohoo)

Or pet owners can choose to turn their puppies into scary eight-legged caterpillars with the pet spider costume. The devil is in the details with a spooky outfit that is sure to scare your friends and family. The dogs are generous in size and adapt to a variety of breeds. Find some examples below:

  • Small: Chihuahua, Mini Dachshund, Small Yorkie
  • medium: Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Yorkie, Pug
  • Large: Large Westie, Large Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Old English Sheepdog

You can buy the paw-fit costume collection at Boohoo here.

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