One Health Company partners with IDEXX to improve canine cancer care

This collaboration will provide veterinary customers of IDEXX Reference Laboratories with access to the FidoCure Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test.

One Health Company, a company working to improve canine cancer care, has partnered with IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., a company focused on global innovation in pet healthcare. IDEXX Reference Laboratories will offer the FidoCure Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test to veterinary customers in the United States and Canada later in January.

“We are extremely excited to partner with a global leader in veterinary diagnostics to help bring our new, next-generation FidoCure DNA sequencing test to even more veterinary clinics across the United States and Canada,” said Christina Lopes, co-founder and CEO of One Health Company. , in a statement from the company.1 “IDEXX’s customer-centric approach and innovation in veterinary diagnostics is an ideal complement to FidoCure’s precision medicine platform.

There is a growing need to improve cancer care in dogs with approximately 6 million new dogs diagnosed with the disease each year.2 Dogs are susceptible to genetic mutations that promote the growth and spread of cancer. Detection of these mutations through gene sequencing and targeted therapy, such as with FidoCure’s precision medicine platform, enables personalized treatment and streamlined care for canine cancer patients.

According to the release, more than 2,000 dogs diagnosed with cancer have used the FidoCure Next Generation DNA sequencing test. Based on the results, eligible dogs were offered personalized treatment options using FDA-approved targeted therapies to treat humans. This partnership will allow FidoCure, which currently holds the largest proprietary canine cancer dataset in the world, to significantly expand this dataset and reveal new discoveries that could benefit dogs and humans with cancer.

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