Outraged fans try to cancel controversial new Netflix show


There are so many Netflix shows to watch these days, in what has become an incomprehensible vast ocean of content with pretty much something for everyone to enjoy. Likewise, the more content there is on Netflix? The more likely it is that people will complain and protest against this or that addition to the library. Concrete example : Canine intervention, a reality TV series that debuted on Netflix earlier this year.

He follows famous Oakland dog trainer Jas Leverette as he runs Cali K9. “One of the best dog training centers in California,” according to Netflix. “Using his unique training methods and techniques, each episode will feature Jas as he works with a variety of dogs and their owners to resolve their obedience and behavior issues. Jas works with all breeds he has never turned down a dog and can correct even the most extreme behavior problems.

Netflix shows to watch – Canine intervention

Netflix shows that generate divergent opinions among viewers are not new. Corn Canine intervention, still awaiting approval for the second season, is in a whole different category.

There are actually competing fan petitions about this show circulating online. Calling both Netflix to renew the show as well as to cancel the show.

“The show Canine intervention … Features an animal trainer who demonstrates the use of choke collars, claw collars and electric shock collars on multiple social media platforms, ” this Change.org petition, which has collected nearly 50,000 signatures, says. “We don’t need another Caesar-type trainer on TV showing inhuman training techniques to pet owners.”

On the other side of the equation, this rival Change.org petition collected just over 19,000 signatures in support of the show. Specifically, he calls on Netflix to give the green light to additional seasons of the series. It currently has six episodes of about half an hour on Netflix.

“Thanks to Netflix and Jas Leverette, millions of dog owners have renewed hope that their dogs can be trained,” the petition states. Jas Leverette and Canine intervention, he continues, are helping save dogs around the world from abandonment, abuse and even worse fate.

All dogs go to Netflix

There is, of course, other dog-themed content to enjoy on Netflix. Shows that have garnered near universal praise and have remained out of the way of controversy. If this is what you are looking for, we will draw your attention to the series Dogs. It is comforting, two season netflix series which follows a few different stories about the bond between people and their dogs, from countries like Syria, Japan, Italy, Costa Rica and the United States. An outstanding episode, and my favorite, is Episode 2 of Season 1. Entitled Well done Zeus.

Here is the description of the Netflix episode. “Eager to reunite, Syrian refugee Ayham makes dangerous plans… to get his beloved husky, Zeus, out of war-torn Damascus. “

You can see them both in the trailer below. In which Ayham asks Zeus via a video connection to “sing for us”. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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