Pet owners who share a bed with their dogs have issued a warning ahead of the winter months

Dog lovers have been warned not to leave their four-legged friends on the bed with them.

The colder months don’t just affect us, but our pets too, and experts at bed and mattress retailer Happy Beds have revealed why you should avoid sharing a bed with your furry friends in November.

The season means dogs and cats begin to shed excessive amounts of hair. Animals that shed seasonally shed their light coat to prepare for a heavier winter coat.

Happy Beds experts said: ‘This excessive shedding can last up to 3-4 weeks, usually ending in November and poses health risks if you often share a bed with your pet.

“Loose hair in bedding can cause a lot of irritation not only to you as an owner, but also to your pet. This fur can also harbor insects and germs that can be transmitted to you while you sleep.

“It’s a common misconception that fur is the main cause of these risks, but it’s actually animal dander that can cause serious health issues.

“This protein is found in animal hair, saliva, skin and waste and is made up of tiny particles that are the source of the risk.

“The scales are tiny and can be easily inhaled through the air, which can cause respiratory and lung problems. This irritation can eventually lead to asthma in severe cases.

“Loose hair in bed can also have a big impact on sleep quality, as breathing in this polluted air can put pressure on the respiratory system, preventing the body from fully resting at night.”

The best tips for pet shedding

Here are Happy Beds’ top tips for managing your pets’ shedding season:

  • Avoid sleeping directly with molting animals, especially during this time.
  • Add an air humidifier to the bedroom to eliminate dander and make breathing easier.
  • Brush your pet daily to remove excess hair and reduce shedding.
  • Take your pet to a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks to stay on top of shedding. Using an anti-shedding shampoo can also reduce your pet’s shedding volume.
  • Buy attachments for your vacuum that specifically target pet hair.
  • Use detangling tools and mitts to scrape off excess fur.

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