Pet Treat Company Adopts Better Chicken Pledge

“Animal welfare has always been close to our hearts, so joining the Better Chicken Commitment is a natural step in building our business according to our beliefs,” said Marko Wittich, President and Co-Founder of Campfire Treats.

The company doesn’t plan to stop with the BCC, but to ensure that all animals used in Campfire Treats all-natural dog treats and chews are handled humanely.

The commitment of the best chicken

According to a press release from Campfire Treats, approximately 9 billion chickens are raised for food in the United States each year, making them the most popular meat for humans and dogs.

In 2016, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Humane Society of the United States, and other animal welfare organizations agreed to set certain standards for the welfare of chickens, creating the Better Chicken Commitment.

When a company signs up to adopt the BCC, it commits to sourcing only chickens housed in high welfare environments, certified by the Global Animal Partnership, by 2024. Chickens must have better conditions housing, such as a larger enclosure, better lighting and a cleaner floor. .

In addition to housing environments, the BCC policy addresses livestock issues for rapid and high yield growth, stocking density and slaughter.

Learn more about the pet food companies and the Better Chicken commitment

The Honest Kitchen announces that it has officially made the Better Chicken Pledge alongside more than 200 food companies committed to improving the lives of farm animals. The Honest Kitchen is the first pet food company to offer products through major pet retailers with the Better Chicken Pledge. With guidance from the ASPCA, The Honest Kitchen has worked for over a year with its chicken suppliers to achieve Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certification on a number of products and continues to work in phases with suppliers to meet Better Chicken Commitment standards in 2024.

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