Picture Keeper Announces Protect Your Memories Campaign for National Photo Saver Day

The company offers quick and easy backup solutions and a new device for pet lovers

ATLANTE, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Losing a photo is like losing a moment in time. Unfortunately, billions of photos are lost every year, and cloud or other backup programs aren’t always reliable. Picture Keeper, launched by Simplified IT Products, is dedicated to preserving precious memories with portable devices that search and copy digital photos, videos and files from iPhones, Android, tablets, PCs and from Mac. The company is encouraging consumers to participate in National Save Your Photos Day on September 24 and beyond.

“I was inspired to create a photo backup solution when a close friend lost all of her digital images during a thunderstorm,” said the CEO and Founder. Matt Stanchie. “It’s incredibly emotional to lose your photos and videos – they are the memories of our lives that we should always reflect on and remember.”

According to Phutorial, the typical person takes 20.2 photos a day, or an average of 2,000 photos saved on their smartphone. For backup jobs of all sizes, Picture Keeper can store up to 1TB or 250,000 photos. They are perfect for those who:

  • constantly running out of storage
  • don’t want to rely on or use the Cloud
  • need to transfer files to new device
  • have photos scattered in many places and want to organize them in one comprehensive place
  • need a secure backup solution

His latest device – Pet Photo Saver – captures the memories pet owners have with their pets. According to iHeartRadio, the average pet owner takes 400 pet photos each year, and surprisingly, there are more photos of their pets than of their children or partner. The product offers facial recognition technology that can identify dogs, cats, horses, birds, and reptiles, and only uploads those photos.

Simple, portable, plug-and-play devices don’t capture duplicate photos, pick up where the last job left off each time the device is used, and don’t require internet. Both devices make it easy to share photos through apps.

“Continuously backing up your photos and videos from your devices should be as important in a maintenance routine as changing your car’s oil,” Stanchie noted. “With over 3 million devices sold, our customers have saved billions of photos using Picture Keeper. We are committed to continuing to raise awareness of the importance of backing up your pictures. Everyone should take a few moments for September 24 and beyond to protect their memories.”

To encourage people to participate in National Save Your Photos Day, Picture Keeper will be offering 25% off total purchase with code – Memories25.

About Simplified Computing Products

Simplified IT products, located in Marietta, Ga., is a product development company specializing in consumer technology solutions since 2008. Its main product, Picture Keeper, offers backup photo storage devices with the ability to download and save photos from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Visit www.picturekeeper.com for more information.

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