Pit Bull Rescue Strengthens Ferris Police Department’s K9 Corps

FERRIS — While many local police departments in the area don’t have K9s in their department, the Ferris Police Department has two.

Fuse, a female rescue pit bull, and Thor, a male Dutch Shepherd, are narcotics trained and Thor is also a biting dog, meaning he can handle a runaway chase if necessary.

While Dutch Shepherds aren’t uncommon on a police department’s K9 team, what’s rare is a pit bull rescue like Fuse.

Fuse is a rescued two-year-old pit bull who is currently being narcotics trained.

Under the guidance of his partner, Officer Aaron Shook, they both train weekly with Thor and his partner, Officer Charles Banks.

Fuse is Officer Shook’s first K9 partner. Shook originally comes from Irving PD.

Ferris PD Police Chief John DeLeon said the department decided to add the K9s to its team because in the past there had been a number of drug-abusing offenders and the two dogs were trained in the narcotics.

Ferris PD also helps other agencies when needed thanks to the talents of Fuse and Thor.

“Dogs have the ability to smell odors better than humans and we use that to our advantage when we need to find narcotics,” DeLeon said, concluding “these two K9 teams have really helped the department and are an asset. for the town of Ferris as a whole.”

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