Pitbull maims 12 people within a 15 km radius in Gurdaspur in Punjab; Retired military man kills dog in self-defense

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Punjab: Despite much brainstorming and the adoption of different measures such as restricting the breeding of dogs, especially the Pitbull, Rottweilers breed to combat the threat of dogs, there does not seem to be an end to the attack of Pitbull dogs which sometimes even results in the death of victims.
In yet another case, a Pitbull attacked 12 people in five villages in Punjab’s Gurdaspur, leaving them seriously injured. The dog traveled about 15 km from Tango Shah village to Chuhan village, attacking people on its way. Finally, a retired military man killed the dog in self-defense, India today reported.

The dog first bit two workers near the village of Tango Shah. Later, the dog attacked Dilip Kumar (60) sitting at his residence. Dilip’s brother saved his life by dragging him inside the gate from the street.

After that, Pitbull attacked Baldev Raj and injured him. From there, Pitbull ran towards Gharota Road and reached a brick kiln after killing many animals on the way.

He then attacked a guardian, Ramnath, in the oven. The pit bull then ran towards Chhani village and bit Mangal Singh, who was sleeping there. At 5 a.m., the pit bull reached another village and attacked and injured early morning walkers.

Pitbull then ran towards the village of Chuhan and attacked a retired soldier, Captain Shakti Singh, who was walking in the fields and badly injured his arm. Singh grabbed the dog and put a tick in the dog’s mouth. The villagers then came to his aid and Singh, along with others, killed the dog.

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