Pittsburgh Robotics Company wins preliminary legal battle against Chinese company – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh robotics company has won a preliminary legal battle to protect a small robotic pet called Vector from an infringement by a Chinese company.

The Pittsburgh-made robot is the size of a hamster and is just for fun, its maker Digital Dream Labs said. Dream Labs, however, is suing a Chinese company that it claims reverse-engineered to create its own very similar pet.

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During a Sunday Business Page taping with Jon Delano, the company’s CEO said the Chinese threw lawyers and paper at Dream Labs to block the lawsuit, but he said the Chinese company lost the first round in federal court.

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“They have all these types of resources that they say they’re going to throw at us. It was nothing but bullying from the start, and part of the bullying was “you have no reason, you’re an idiot, this is all going to be dismissed”. They bet so hard and heavily on that motion to reject, and then they got slapped back. Our copyrights and trademarks prevail,” said Jacob Hanchar, CEO of Digital Dream Labs.

Hanchar says the lesson is that a little guy from Pittsburgh can stand up to any more powerful foreign company that tries to steal his technology.

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You can watch Jon’s full Sunday Business Page interview on this topic on the KDKA Sunday Morning News.

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