PM Modi became the best friend of man’s best friends in India


Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country is literally going to the dogs, and it’s a very good thing that it is.

A few months ago, in a Mann ki Baat, the Prime Minister urged the country’s security agencies, such as the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to advance the cause of Atmanirbharta and use native breeds of dogs. in their canine teams instead of imported varieties.

Following his advice, the NCB began recruiting desi dogs, a very desirable development that should inspire civilian pet owners to follow suit.

The trade in foreign breeds like Alsatians and Labradors has become a lucrative racket that pairs male dogs with their mothers or siblings to produce litters that are sold at high prices. Such incestuous inbreeding leads to progressive physical debility over successive generations.

In contrast, our street dogs are a hardy mix of several local species and are the healthiest, most loyal and loving companions.

I can attest to this with confidence because Bunny and I were lucky enough to have two adopt us.

The first one who entered our house, bleeding from a head injury where someone had hit her with a stick, was Brindle, so called because of the beautiful brindle color, like a toffee ice cream embellished with it. of chocolate, which she revealed after her injury had dressed and given her a shampoo bath.

She graced our home for 13 years before leaving us helpless when old age reminded her. Miraculously, on the very day he left, another stranger came out of the darkness to rule our home and our hearts. We called her Mili, like in someone who had been met or found.

Mili was only with us for five years before she too left, leaving behind a void in our lives that we cannot bring ourselves to fill for fear of further loss.

But we still rejoice to see our canine fellow citizens, coiled in blissful slumber on crowded sidewalks and in markets, cursive commas in the street democracy of wandering freedom, which have received recognition from the Prime Minister himself.

Wherever they are, Brindle and Mili wag their tails in approval.



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