Quest Introduces Australia-Wide Pet Acceptance Policy


Some rooms at 30 Quest branches across Australia have been reclassified as pet-friendly in an effort to provide more accommodation options for travelers keen to take their four-legged friends with them.

As part of this initiative, guests wishing to bring their pets as part of their visit will be able to access pet beds, equipped food and water bowls in rooms upon arrival, as well as ‘to a variety of toys to keep their companion busy. Pets will be charged an additional AUD 15 per pet, per night, with reservations available by calling each property directly.

The company said progress is being made to outfit more properties on board as a pet-friendly hotel in the coming months.

Pet-friendly rooms will include food and water, pet beds and a selection of toys.

In response to pet ownership rates that exploded during various lockdowns across Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic, Quest will now allow pets to stay with their owners at various properties in Sydney, Melbourne , Perth, Gold Coast and other cities and regions. Locations. A recent Animal Medicines Australia survey found that nearly 70% of households now own at least one pet, up from 61% two years ago.

This same study found evidence that pets have helped alleviate many of the emotional and psychological challenges encountered during blockages, including isolation, and have dramatically improved mental health. More than 70% of those polled in the study said owning pets had improved their lives during the pandemic.

Pet ownership rates across Australia have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Quest Marketing Director Jeff Baars said the company is eager to welcome travelers to its properties and has seen a significant increase in searches for pet-friendly accommodations.

“Our mission at Quest is to make the customer experience effortless, so we took this information into account, listened to our customers and rolled out the ‘Paw-fect Travelers’ offering in 30 locations nationwide, with even more of hotels ready to jump on board in the next few months, ”he said.

“The main reason people own pets is for companionship, and what we also know from listening to customers is that traveling can be a bit lonely at times, especially for companies that spend a lot of time. time on the road, so we hope the offer will make our customers feel even more comfortable and connected when they are with us.

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