Resale to the rescue, Frantz Fund, Motels4Now works to help the homeless

The moon and the stars are all aligned. The dogs will spend their day in the sun. Well, maybe not in the sun, but they’ll be better off.

Unfortunately, the cones will be involved quite a bit. They will get over it.

Several local non-profit charities are joining forces to help the owners of six dogs. Working together alongside a veterinarian and a business owner to get things done. Dogs should be neutered or neutered for everyone’s benefit. Loving pet owners are homeless. They are good with their animals and want the best for them. A few other good people want to help make things better.

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There are many parts to this story, so hang in there with me. Ultimately, people can help out with a good idea by donating. Much good can be done with $600. Any funds raised beyond the goal will be used to pay for vaccinations, microchipping, etc.

The first part of this epic begins with the dogs and the owners. Pet owners are associated with Our Lady of the Road and Motels4Now. Tracy Leliaertoutreach specialist at Motels4Now, worked with Karen Murphy Schemeyer, which helps reduce the cat population. Karen has been an advocate for cats and the need for sterilization.

His 501c3 charity is known as St. Cats. Karen said she has been trapping cats and neutering them for over 30 years. Lots of homeless cats are fixed, thanks to Karen.

Rachel will soon be neutered, thanks to a group effort by several local charities to help homeless people spay or neuter their dogs.

Tracy sang Karen’s praises. “She goes above and beyond. You ask him, and it’s done. He is a gentle soul.

Karen said owners are always grateful for the TNR (trap, neutral, return). “Pets are members of the family. Pets give (the homeless) stability, purpose.

A healthy pet is good for everyone, Tracy said. There is no need for additional kittens or puppies. “We want to be proactive about this for the sake of people and pets.”

As for the name of the charity, “St. Cats,” says Karen, she often checks the traps on Sunday mornings and hears church bells ringing in every neighborhood. The bells inspire her. “It’s my church on Sunday mornings to help others.”

Back to kittens and doggies. The cats are in good shape. Tracy worried about the welfare of six dogs and turned to Karen for help or recommendations. Karen took the mission. In no time, a plan was drawn up with other charities involved.

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Hobart’s SNIP Low Cost Mobile Veterinary Unit will provide services. Dave Nuferowner of Burton’s Laundry, will set up an area with electricity for the neutral truck, Karen said.

Karen contacted another local charity, the Frantz Fund. The fund helps low-income pet owners get their pets neutered and vaccinated. Founder of the Frantz Fund Gayle Dantzler said: “We find it particularly rewarding to work with other animal welfare charities who share our goals. Usually, when another organization contacts us, it is a matter of urgency. And that certainly applies in this case.

Scar waits patiently.  Several local charities have banded together to pay for the neutering or neutering this month of six dogs owned by homeless members of the community.

Gayle is a retired editor of The Tribune.

Signing up to help is Resale to the Rescue, 905 W. McKinley Drive, Mishawaka. The store is an upscale resale store and supports animal organizations in the area.

The store celebrates its sixth anniversary this month. John Caudell, founder of the store, said what better way to celebrate than by donating to a good cause? “It’s an opportunity to network with groups. It’s a great opportunity to join a cause.”

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Over the past six years, Resale has donated over $500,000 to major animal groups in the Michiana area. “It’s our sixth anniversary, so let’s help six dogs,” Jan said.

Resale is running a Facebook fundraiser on its site through the end of the month. Customers can also donate in-store or by mail.

“St. Cats and Low Cost SNIP in Hobart, along with Our Lady of the Road, are the organizations on the ground that make this possible. And Resale to the Rescue has stepped up to support our role with a fundraising appeal to its many followers. As with all the most meaningful animal relief efforts, this one is as much about people as it is about their pets,” Gayle said.

Shilo is composed and thoughtful.  Several local charities have banded together to pay for the neutering or neutering this month of six dogs owned by homeless members of the community.

With all fingers (and paws) crossed, the job will be done later this month. The results will be grateful owners and a stronger charity network. Pets will be a bit upset for a few weeks, but they’ll get over it.

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