Salisbury dog ​​daycare owner denies animal cruelty charges | News

SALISBURY — Seacoast Canine owner Jennifer Ford on Friday denied animal cruelty charges, writing in an email to customers that at “no time” did she abuse or harm any dogs.

“My love for dogs and other animals knows no boundaries and I would never do anything to abuse or mistreat them,” she wrote in her email.

Ford, 34, of Byield, was arraigned in Newburyport District Court on April 15 on three counts of animal cruelty. Judge Peter Doyle found her dangerous to society or her alleged victims, but released her on $5,000 cash bail with several conditions.

Conditions include staying at least 100 feet away from working/working animals; not work with or own any animals other than those she currently owns (three dogs, two cats, six goats, four alpacas, and chickens); allow law enforcement, animal control and/or the MSPCA at the property to enforce the court order; do not mistreat any animal; and stay away from and have no direct or indirect contact with witnesses, except for written communications on employment/business matters.

Seacoast Canine has two locations, one in Salisbury and another in Byfield.

Acting on an animal abuse report from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Salisbury Police opened an investigation which uncovered three separate alleged incidents dating back to 2021.

Since his arrest, video released by television news shows Ford repeatedly kicking a dog in the stomach. In another video, Ford grabs a dog by the neck and throws it into a kennel.

“Some of you may have seen these videos. But whether you have seen them or not, please know that the videos lack any context that would allow a viewer to understand what the incidents entail,” Ford wrote in his E-mail. “While I cannot go into specifics due to my ongoing court case, I can generally say that when these incidents occur they can escalate within seconds. The actions I have taken which are described in the videos were only intended to defuse the situations.”

Ford went on to write that she is “dedicated to providing the highest level of dog care and training.”

Although the court orders prohibit Ford from setting foot in its dog daycare facilities while awaiting trial, there is no wording ordering the businesses to close.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News in Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.

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