SB Humane launches training courses for two dog breeds


Photo contributed A new effort has been launched by Santa Barbara Humane to provide dog training for families with German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies.

German Shepherd, Siberian huskies are most often handed over to shelters

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A new effort has been started by Santa Barbara Humane to provide dog training for families with German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies, or any mix of these breeds.

According to Matt Chan, KPA CTP, the certified trainer who runs the classes, these are two of the dog breeds most likely to enter Santa Barbara County animal shelters. In fact, at the Santa Maria campus there are currently six in the care of the shelter team.

“The owners are falling in love with these cute furry puppies that look like stuffed animals,” Chan said. “Then they grow up and are very strong in their physique and in their temperament. This causes frustration for owners and dogs.

Without professional training and understanding of the breed’s common behaviors and trends, these dogs are often abandoned to shelters. Some of the more common traits include excitability for huskies and overprotection for shepherds.

Through the donor-funded Confident Canine School of Behavior, Santa Barbara Humane offers affordable dog training classes that enhance communication between humans and dogs to cultivate healthy, happy and lasting partnerships.

Using modern, strength-less, reward-based training techniques at the heart of Santa Barbara Humane’s behavior program, the new Specialty Class will help Husky and Shepherd owners understand and manage these specific traits. race and will lead to fewer dropouts.

At any given time, shepherds and huskies make up approximately 50% of the canine population of the Santa Maria Campus in Santa Barbara Humane. The class aims to teach owners the skills to increase confidence and confidence, ultimately keeping huskies and shepherds in happy homes where they can thrive.

“We want to keep families together,” Chan said.

The shepherd training class began in September and SB Humane officials said there would be more classes in October and the following months. Each class will consist of five sessions. Families can register at, and scholarships are available.

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