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San Diego Police canine officer Hondo is recovering after being stabbed on duty. The 2-year-old police dog helped arrest a man with a knife on Friday morning. The suspect, Dedrick Jones, 35, was arrested for attacking a canine agent in the past.

The most recent attack occurred on the morning of December 17. A woman called police to report that a man had threatened her with a knife on Riley Street near Kurtz Street in the Midway neighborhood of San Diego.

Police confronted the suspect. According to the SDPD, the man brandished a knife at officers. In order to avoid the lethal use of force, Hondo was deployed. The canine officer managed to shoot the suspect but was stabbed in the process.

“We love these dogs,” said Lt. Chris Tivanian, a member of SDPD K9.

“Dog owners, they can understand. Imagine hearing that your dog has been injured or put in a situation where their life can be taken away, ”added Tivanian.

Tivanian sees Hondo every day. Dogs like Hondo work all over town and respond to a variety of dangerous calls.

“A lot of times people don’t comply with officers, they don’t fear the consequences that may be imposed on them, but when a police dog shows up it changes their perspective,” Tivanian said.

Jones was arrested in 2020 after stabbing another police dog named Titan.

“This incident happened in January. Titan is lucky to be alive, ”said Tivanian

Titan had to undergo 100 stitches and have his colon removed after last year’s stabbing.

Jones was sentenced to one year in prison for the attack, but was released in June on the basis of prison credits for time spent in custody. Jones was on probation when he was arrested on Friday.

“It’s frustrating, but we’ll continue to answer those radio calls. We will continue to respond to the same suspects who were released, ”Tivanian said.

While Jones is in prison, Hondo recovers.

” He is fine. He has a few stitches where he was stabbed, but he is expected to make a full recovery and be back to work, hopefully within two weeks, ”Tivanian said.

Jones faces several criminal charges, including animal cruelty. He is due to be brought to justice on Tuesday, December 22.

The San Diego Police Department has 37 canine officers. Four of the police dogs are trained to detect explosives in large crowds.

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