Shanghai’s Pet Lovers and Helpful Community Keep Pet Owners Updated

Over the past month or so, the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Shanghai has created a lot of anxiety for the city’s residents. Individuals and families have a number of issues to worry about, each varying with different circumstances for each, as we as a city battle the outbreak.

One of the biggest concerns for a large portion of the city’s residents is pet owners. Whether it’s cats, dogs or other less common types of animals, pets need attention and care from their owners and, of course, a regular supply. in food and water.

Many pet owners are worried that if they were to be sent to central quarantine, they don’t know what to do with their pets or how they would be taken care of. Several options exist, but they differ according to communities and individual situations. The issue has been a black box for many, leading people to voice their concerns on social media and seek help from fellow Shanghai residents.

In light of this problem, some animal lovers and good Samaritans have started forming helpful communities compiling the most up-to-date information on the situation, including happenings around town, important tips and tricks on how best to to manage your pet’s situation if you are quarantined, the necessities to prepare for your pet in the event of an emergency and other important information to know.

Perhaps the most extensive network of these internationally helpful groups was started by Joey Ang, originally from Singapore, who spent countless hours helping people with their pets during this time.

Working strictly on a voluntary basis, she has created a network of communities on social media, many of which are specific to certain neighborhoods and areas of the city, to allay residents’ concerns about pets and help facilitate the transfer. of animals to shelters and other safe places when needed.

Ang has spent time creating these communities, moderating their content so baseless rumors don’t spread, creating posters and graphic content with important information about preparatory materials and facilities capable of housing the animals quarantined residents, and more.

These communities have been of great help to many so far. As a pet owner myself, I was also a member of her pet-helping community during the recent wave of COVID-19, so I’m much better prepared.

Many thanks to Ang, to the others who helped spread useful and factual information to pet owners, to those helpful volunteers who helped walk the dogs and transport the animals to safe places, and to all the other townspeople to stay calm and help Shanghai fight this battle.

Shanghai Daily caught up with Ang to find out more.

Joey Ang

Singaporean Joey Ang shares a moment of relaxation with her dog in Shanghai.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself: where are you from, what are you doing here in Shanghai and how long have you been here?

A: My name is Joey Ang and I’m from Singapore. I am currently studying as a university student in 3D animation and visual effects for film.

But I am also a freelance makeup artist for film shoots and photo shoots from time to time. I have been in Shanghai for nine years now.

Q: You are an animal lover. Did you grow up with pets when you were young? What pets do you have here in Shanghai?

A: I am a HUGE animal lover. I grew up with hamsters and fish in Singapore, and when we came to Shanghai we had a poodle. Currently the pets I have are a poodle, a cat, three snakes (two corn snakes and 1 California king snake) and a leopard gecko.

I also help rescue dogs and cats in Shanghai as much as possible, and I used to set up a kitten nursery for orphaned newborn kittens. So, I am always surrounded by animals.

Q: Tell us a bit about the group/network of groups you created. When did you start it and how? What type of assistance do you provide to band members and how do you think it has helped during this time?

A: It all started on March 7th during a group discussion for the sterilization of stray cats in Shanghai. We (pet owners and rescuers) were talking about what would happen to our pets and our rescues if we were placed in central quarantine. I then created a group, because it was a very important topic for many pet owners. So that’s where it all started; a group of concerned pet owners and rescuers who have come together, seeking advice, assistance and resources.

We get new members in the quarantine chat every day, and we remind them to always plan, to have a plan A, B, C and D. Owners should already have stocked up on their own food and supplies from their pets (food, pee-pads, kitty litter, etc.) and pack essential pet items and create an emergency contact list.

We also have a list of boarding houses, pet transportation options, and pet stores where you can get pet supplies. If pet owners have tested positive, we will do our best to help resolve the situation with the help of Spare Leash, as they have a database of pet sitter locations. Usually within a day or two an animal can be picked up and released from a home while its owner is in quarantine. We would like to point out that we are in no way an association or a company that can travel to your home to collect pets; we are just a group of pet owners and volunteers who will help as much as possible.

Leaving your pets home alone would be the LAST and LAST option. If you have to, you have to be very, very careful. Don’t rely on an automatic feeder or automatic litter box. They could malfunction and break down, and your pet could be left without food. Instead, provide multiple feeding places and multiple litter boxes. Also leave the toilet seat up (only if you don’t use a blue shelf; if you do, close it.).

When doctors and volunteers in protective suits come in, be sure to tell them you have animals inside and ask them to cover and pack food and water, put the animals in a carrier or on a leash outside the hallway safely, and put them back where things were before leaving.

Shanghai's Pet Lovers and Helpful Community Keep Pet Owners Updated

Joey Ang

Q: The posters are very useful… Where did you get the information from? Plus, they look great… Do you have a background in graphic design?

A: The information was collected from the administrators of the various subgroups. We will share all tips with each other. Instead of sharing a cat history with everyone, I started making posters to make it appealing to pet owners and easy to share.

From now on, these posters have been shared all over WeChat and Weibo as well. I have a background in graphic design; I’ve always loved making art, hence the classes I’m learning now.

Q: What advice would you give pet owners in Shanghai?

A: Currently, we are still thinking of different ways, but the advice remains the same. It has been a month since these groups have been opened and many are having positive results, if one way does not work we will find another way to help the animal and the owner.

If the pensions cannot collect them, we can try to call pet taxis or ask for fast delivery (闪送). Some flash delivery drivers have motorcycles to bring smaller dogs/pets and smaller cats, while others have cars to bring larger dogs. There are also drivers who have been given a green pass and have helped transport pets to boarding houses.

Due to the major lockdown in Shanghai, dog owners learned how to help dogs that are trained to relieve themselves outdoors, and what we as owners can do to help them relieve themselves outside. home comfortably. Many creative ways have been devised, including bringing in soil, leaves and bushes from outside and placing them on balconies or in hallways. Some bought real weed and some bought fake weed to help out. It was really fun to see some of the artwork made and shared in the groups.

Shanghai's Pet Lovers and Helpful Community Keep Pet Owners Updated

Joey Ang

A collage of creative ways to help pet dogs relieve themselves at home comfortably

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