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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new venture, called Airbnb of Dog Parks, is looking to create a safe, private space for dogs to play by using local residents’ yards as a playground for man’s best friend.

Rides with Gizmo and Tango are constant

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“It’s very tough. We walk them every day, a few times a day, but they’re a working breed that needs to burn off more energy,” Shannon Dilley said.

With limited space in the Natomas neighborhood of Dilley, it can be difficult to find places to play, and dog parks aren’t always the answer.

“You have no control over the dogs that come there or the different levels of training,” she said.

This is where Sniffspot comes in. Dilley uses the app-based service weekly, which allows dog owners to rent private land for their four-legged friends to explore.

“It’s a huge difference, I mean the arguments of the dogs go down. They behave better,” Dilley said.

Dog trainer Kathi Glenwinkel is one of thousands of hosts using the platform. She said she had 15 visitors in the past two months.

“I don’t have to do anything but mow the lawn and make sure there’s no litter in there,” she says. “It’s pretty self-contained, so I don’t need to be home.”

Her yard includes a fence, toys and accessories the dogs can use for exercise. Dilley has made $200 a month since debuting in January.

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“I love the fun the owners and the dogs get out of it,” she said.

Hosts keep 80% of the profits, earning up to $2,000 per month with hourly rentals ranging from $5 to $20 per hour.

“The hosts pick up the dogs and they stay for the money,” Sniffspot owner David Adams said.

Adams created Sniffspot in 2018.

“It started out as something I thought my wife and I needed, and it turns out to be something I think is actually relevant to every dog ​​owner: the need for safe and private exercise for their dogs,” he said.

The company has expanded around the world, and California is one of its most popular locations.

So what security is in place for hosts and guests?

Hosts must be selected. Lots under one acre must be fenced. All dogs must be vaccinated, and guests and hosts are screened after a reservation.

“It really adds to [my dogs’] quality of life,” Dilley said.

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Sniffspot hopes to include more hosts in local and international cities. The company currently has 15 spots in the Sacramento area.

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