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NORTH BROOKFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) – Some of the 68 cats who were turned over to a shelter last month by a local pet owner are now looking for homes.

Second Chance Animal Services reports that there are currently 20 cats in the group available for adoption, while other cats are still receiving care at the non-profit Almost Home or are with their volunteer foster families.

Animal Relocation Director Wendy Hall, who oversees both Almost Home and the Adoption Center, says she is so proud of all the staff who support these cats on their journey to forever homes.

“They worked tirelessly to take care of these cats. A lot of the cats were so scared when they arrived. My team spent several days crawling on all fours tending to cats that were too afraid to use litter boxes. It’s so rewarding when they finally relax and purr, ”she said in a statement.

Second Chance CEO Sheryl Blancato says she is grateful to the many supporters who have donated to help defray the cost of cat care.

“There are actually 71 cats including the first litter of kittens that were born and we have five more litters on the way. We are grateful to all the foster homes who have welcomed some of the cats into their homes, and to all the volunteers who have stepped up to help take care of the cats, ”she said.

Blancato estimates that the total cost of care for all cats will be between $ 30,000 and $ 35,000.

Fundraising continues to help with their medical care. Donations can be made online at, via the Second Chance Facebook page, or checks can be mailed to Second Chance, 111 Young Road, East Brookfield, MA 01515.

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