St Bernard who loves hot dogs and toilet paper rolls is desperate for a family

Imagine this. You’re sitting at home on the sofa, cup of tea in hand and something heartwarming on TV – think Paul O’Grady’s For The Love Of Dogs or The Great British Bake Off. But something is missing, right?

It’s there that Titan Between. Titan is a three-year-old St. Bernard who is a gentle giant with a lapdog complex, and weighing around 60-80kg, you’ll probably want to get ready for cuddles.

The gigantic and lovable dog loves nothing more than affection from loved ones, followed by a nap on a good duvet. He’s a gentleman who likes the finer things in life, including hot dogs and cardboard toilet paper rolls.

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A spokesperson for Manchester Dogs Trust said: “He’s a real character and he stole everyone’s hearts at the Manchester center. He may be tall, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to sit on your lap.

Titan isn’t one for long hikes, but he loves having a potter around, exploring new sights and smells. He is said to walk beautifully on a leash and knows all the basics when it comes to training, think ‘sit’, ‘paw’ and ‘drool’.

Titan is a gentle giant patiently waiting for a forever family

“Titan has a sensitive side and can be wary of strangers and loud noises,” the charity said. “He’s looking for a family that’s happy to take things slow with him and he’d ideally like to be walked around in a quiet area, where he’s unlikely to run into a lot of people.”

That said, Titan is friendly with other dogs and could potentially live with another calm dog, and even a calm but confident cat – but generally likes to do his own thing, according to the volunteers.

The team added: “Titan was previously left alone for long periods without worry, so he would suit owners who aren’t around all the time, as long as he could still get regular breaks.

“He will need his own private, secure garden with a strong fence. It would be best suited in a home with no open space, where it can be separated from the front door and the kitchen. He will be able to live with children of sixteen years and older, who are comfortable with large dogs.

So if you’ve got a double duvet and a pot of hot dogs, Titan might just be the man for you. For more information, please contact Manchester Dogs Trust to inquire about repatriation.

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