Sweet Designs Chocolatier offers a dog portrait to the winner of an essay contest


LAKEWOOD, Ohio – A photo hung outside the Sweet Designs Chocolatier store currently finds customers asking how much is the pooch in the window?

“Well, it’s actually free for whoever wins it,” said Sweet Designs Chocolatier general manager Carly Moran. “It’s part of our essay competition. I believe the retail value is $ 350.

Pet portrait artist Renee Fisher painted “Otis the dog”. (Courtesy of Renée Fisher)

While the Detroit Avenue Confectionery – known for its gourmet, hand-made chocolate candies, including creamy truffles, salted caramels, organic and vegan chocolates – periodically runs contests through its “Truffles” email newsletter, this essay for pets is a new promotion that has been born. of their clients’ obvious love for their canine friends.

“The idea came about because Renee Fisher is on staff and is an artist who, in addition to being responsible for our hand-painted chocolates in her spare time, paints portraits of pets,” he said. Moran said.

“We thought our clients love dogs and Renee is really good at painting pet portraits, so why not reward our clients for following us and giving someone the chance to have their pet portrait done? personalized company. “

Original essay (250 words or less) explains why your dog is the most deserving dog on the planet? With a deadline of July 24, entries sent by email must include the dog’s name, phone number and name. Each will be evaluated by a panel of dog lover judges and the winner will be announced in the August newsletter.

“Sweet Designs is a small business and it’s really team oriented,” said Moran. “We really value all of the skills and talents of our people. In addition, we thank our customers for supporting us during such a difficult year. It’s just something fun and new that we are trying.

The irony, of course, about a chocolate factory hosting a dog essay contest is that the treat is toxic to dogs.

“That’s right, but our thought was that Lakewood is actually a very animal friendly community,” said Moran. “We have a lot of clients who take their dogs for walks. There is the parade of the doggies. So we thought about incorporating where we are in Cleveland and the local interests of the people with chocolate.

If the dog writing contest proves popular, Moran said there’s a possibility Sweet Designs Chocolatier will do it again.

“The response so far has been very good,” said Moran. “We really only planned to do it once, but we kept an open mind to do it another time. We’ll see.”

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