The 10 Best Country Life Dog Stories of 2021

From Border Terriers to unwritten rules for walking your dog, here are highlights from a year of dog stories.

The 20 cutest dog breeds in the world, ranked according to science

Dog friendliness ranking? You might as well classify the beauty of flowers, ”we wrote of the science behind this list. But it’s hard to deny that it’s a fascinating look at what we love about dogs.

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The ten unwritten rules of walking your dog – and how to follow them

There are some things that no one will tell you until they have a dog. So far, that is.

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The champion dog trainer with a revolutionary method that can teach any dog ​​new tricks

Ben Randall showed our own Paula Lester some of her wonderful dog training tips in October – and if you enjoyed this article, the good news is that Ben will be starting to write for Country Life in 2022.

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West Highland Terriers: Intelligent, funny and curious dogs, with an irresistibly smiling demeanor and a jump in their gait

Few dogs have as much character as Westies, as the sometimes frightening stories in this room show.

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Golden retrievers: the magnificent dogs that bring friendship, loyalty and love

Some call the golden retriever the “stupid blonde” of the dog world, but those who know them know differently.

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How to Choose the Perfect Dog to Fit Your Lifestyle, Family, and Home

You may already know what type of dog you would like – if not, this is the place to start.

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Border Terriers: The endlessly energetic dogs who always love cuddling on the couch

No less an authority than tennis legend Andy Murray provided the title of this article – how’s that for celebrity endorsement of a dog breed?

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The six most destructive dog breeds

Hide your food. Hide your shoes. Hide your magazines. Hide everything.

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The lake burrow: “A handful that works hard”

The dog who will go on all day, whatever the weather. The big question is, can you keep up?

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Curious Questions: Why can’t we resist puppy eyes?

It’s no coincidence that your heart melts when dogs look you in the eye, as Martin Fone explains.

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An action-packed working dog who is never happier than when lounging on the couch? This is the Labrador for you. We take

The first attempts at labor may have come from jokes about which border collie was the best, but, as members of the

Do doggies really adopt the characteristics of their so-called owners? Rupert Uloth has spoken to some of Britain’s most popular

Over the past 30 years this well-bred cross has stolen our hearts, but the responsible man has compared it to

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