The impact of K-9 agents on our community

(ABC4) – Corporal Rod Elmer of the Utah Highway Patrol has helped train K-9s for over 10 years.

“We spend more time with our dogs, a lot of time than with our families because they are going to work with us. And then they go home with it and they’re part of the family too,” Elmer said.

Elmer said about 200 dogs help law enforcement in Utah every day and their work is irreplaceable. In some cases, a dog can do the job of 10 officers, like its partner Titan, who is a bomb-sniffing police dog. Together, the two patrol the capital during Utah’s legislative session.

But the most valuable job K-9s do is keeping law enforcement and the community safe. That’s exactly what Maya, the West Valley police dog, did.

“She saved the lives of countless…she will be remembered as a hero,” said West Jordan Police Department office Sam Winkler.

Maya was killed in a hostage situation in southern Jordan and is hailed as a hero for saving the lives of officers during the incident.

It happened in the parking lot of a Jordan Credit Union. This credit union is now raising money in his honor to help the police department find another dog, which they say can cost up to $9,000.

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