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October 13, 2022

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“As I sit on my porch at night, I enjoy watching the neighborhood dogs escort their owners down the sidewalk.”
I laughed after reading these lines, written by Linda Kennett for her column in this publication. His September 16 What’s in the Attic explored “Man’s Best Friend,” as well as the history and value of canine collectibles. But his opening comment about neighborhood dogs leading their owners down the street touched me, as I sit on my porch and watch a parade of dogs and their people.
My youngest granddaughter is a dog lover, and when we lived together and walked together, she would say to the owners of the dogs we met, “Can I pet your pooch? Myah’s mom and I taught her the safest way to approach dogs and she (mostly) adheres to the rules. In my new Irvington digs, many more dogs pass my front porch, and when my granddaughter comes to visit, she’s rewarded with a steady stream of animals she wants to pet. Linda Kennett noted terriers, greyhounds, poodles and bulldogs, and I see them all, but there are also other interesting dogs for Myah to pet.
I don’t know the dog breeds, so I’m asking people who are willing to let Myah interact with their dogs, the breed names. A couple stopped by to let Myah pet their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; “Charlie” was patient with the little girl. I saw a very friendly Australian Shepherd (with scary light eyes) and a huge white Labradoodle leading a woman in white; a Siberian Husky and a black Labrador towed a man, and a couple followed a dog pushing another in a stroller. One day, while I was weeding in front of my house, I heard a woman’s voice say, “She wants your attention, I think. I turned to find a small brown dachshund walking away from me. I have since seen Audrey leading her leash master down the street. When I took Myah on a “walk” that did not include a foray into “Berger Park”, we met an affectionate and fluffy German Shepherd named “Kaiser”. Sitting on my porch, I smile when two dogs lead their couple down the street; each dog has their own poop bags attached to the harness. Another woman walks by with a gorgeous blond Golden Retriever.
One recent evening, as I was walking towards the pool tables, I saw a young woman with a giant dog walking beside her. I asked the woman if the dog’s name was “Harley” because it was a Harlequin Great Dane, and the last time I saw one was in an elevator when I lived in St. Louis, Missouri. My two youngest children were with me at the time and they grew to love Harley and its owner. The woman told me her dog’s name was “Zero”. I greeted the dog by name and said, “Zero is my hero.” The woman chuckled and they continued walking.
I have had few dogs in my life. There was ‘Duffy’, the Irish setter, and ‘Sniffles’, the adopted long-haired dachshund, and ‘Allie’, the sweet and patient yellow Labrador, who left my two youngest to love her any way they could. My eldest has a white pit bull named “Ghost” that she adores, and Lisa encouraged me to seek out dog companionship as well. My free, non-fantasy lifestyle is not conducive to that kind of dependent relationship, but I have the dogs of Irvington.

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