The purchase of the Isabel II dog breed has increased in Spain

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England at the age of 96 left a wealth of images and information for later. Having met 16 UK Prime Ministers, traveled to over 100 countries and over 25 dogs throughout its life, the Corgi breed marked a before and after.

At the foot of Windsor Castle, where the remains of Britain’s oldest monarch were transferred, the bodies of Elizabeth II awaited the funeral procession of Muick and Sandy. The dogs will be welcomed by their son, Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

In Spain, more than 2,000 kilometers from British lands, many Corgi breeders tell ECD that interest in the breed has increased dramatically.

Carlos Francello, owner of Andalusian kennel Dreamcorgis, told ECD he saw a rapid increase in dog sales after Isabel II’s death. “It was amazing, before they called two people a week and when the queen died there were 12 calls in the days that followed.” He pointed out that the series The Crown, which chronicles the life of the emperor, has also helped raise awareness of the dog.

In Antequera, where this pioneer kennel in Andalusia is located, he has been selling dogs for almost 10 years. At first, he reports, it was difficult to find customers because it was an unidentified dog, but more information has been seen about this breed with the television series.

Frankelo says that before Elizabeth II died, most of her customers were foreigners, but not English. “A lot of Russians, Portuguese and French. If there were Spaniards, it was because their partner was a foreigner. Dogs cost around 1500/2000 euros. “He’s a great companion dog. Before that, I had a short waiting list of eight people. Now they’re over 40.

Another hatchery consulted by this newspaper reports that sales are also skyrocketing due to the season. “Dogs are sometimes sold. We sell other breeds and this one is sold out especially for Christmas.”

The corgi is a short and small dog, but with a strong body. His face resembles that of a fox. Its coat is smooth, waterproof of medium length and can be presented in red, sable, cinnamon, black and brown, with equally variable white markings. Adult dogs of this breed usually measure between 25 and 30 cm. Males weigh 10-12 kg and females 9-11 kg.

There are two types of Corgi dogs: Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Welsh Corgi Cardigan. Its origins go back, as particular pages indicate that the existence of the corgi is attested in the year 920 AD. vs. In theory, these animals were used to guide cattle.

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