The women fight, one bites the other while their companion dogs calmly watch

A quarrel broke out between two dog owners in the state of Thuringia, in eastern Germany, one of the owners allegedly bit the other. As the two dog owners physically assaulted each other, the dogs remained calm and watched their owners fight, German authorities informed.

“The dogs only looked and didn’t bite” during the scuffle between the two women, German police said.

The fight, according to an officer, began when a woman (27) tried to teach another 51-year-old dog owner how to properly discipline dogs after the former saw the latter punch her dog.

The young woman reportedly berated the older one for adopting such harsh punishment against the dog. This triggered the older woman. A feud ensues in which the two dog owners end up hitting each other.

During the altercation, the older woman reportedly fell, causing her to sink her teeth into the 27-year-old’s legs, leaving her injured.

As the duo engaged in the scuffle which resulted in one woman biting another, the two dogs “just watched,” police said.

The two women were brought before a German court and charged with causing bodily harm, German authorities confirmed.

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