These 7 New CT Laws Can Change Your Life Oct. 1

CONNECTICUT — A slew of new laws will take effect Oct. 1, and many of them could have life-altering consequences for some residents.

Dogs should be provided with adequate shelter if left outside for more than 15 minutes in certain adverse weather conditions. Conditions include: when the National Weather Service issues a weather advisory or warning or in extreme heat or cold. The breed, size and other conditions of the dog may be taken into consideration to determine if a dog’s health and safety could be affected.

The law does not apply when a dog is accompanied by a person under the same conditions.

Dogs should be given drinking water at least twice in a 24 hour period while attached to an object. Dogs cannot be tethered for more than 15 minutes when the NWS issues a weather advisory or warning, and the size and thickness of the dog’s coat may be taken into account.

Firearm Background Check Failure Notification

The law requires the chief of police, or a similar official, to be notified if a resident of their city fails a criminal background check while attempting to purchase a firearm.

Timely reporting by police of a death

Requires duty officers to notify the next of kin of a deceased person of the death as soon as possible, but within 24 hours of identifying the deceased.

Online Dating

Online dating companies must give Connecticut users awareness notifications, such as if they run criminal background checks.

The law also created a grant program to prevent online abuse and provide educational opportunities on how to identify, report and avoid online abuse.

Hospital billing

Laws that cover hospital billing practices will also cover entities owned or affiliated with hospitals.

Some of the prohibitions include:

  • Collect more than the cost of providing health care services from uninsured people.
  • Refer some patients to debt collection.
  • Pursue debt collection efforts in certain situations where the patient may be eligible for debt reduction.

Summons of the jury

Jury convening procedures were changed in July to reflect the number of people from each city who complied. At this time, a replacement summons is sent to another prospective juror in the same postal code when a summons comes back as undeliverable.

The Jury Administrator’s Office will begin compiling data from October 1 on the number of summoned jurors from each city who have complied with the summons. Calls that go out on or after October 1 will also have additional demographic questions regarding gender and other demographic information.

child mMental Health

May 26 is officially Get Out and Play for Children’s Mental Health Day in Connecticut. “Appropriate” exercises must take place in public schools on this day, or the nearest school day if it falls on a weekend.

The law also allows municipalities to establish a property tax abatement for property or part of property that is used as a child care center or group home for children.

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