They bought a puppy for their son in confinement. Strata did something “absurd”


Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst, who helped design the pet-friendly strata legislation, said she is now expressing concerns over the Georgia case and pushing the New Brunswick government South Wales to introduce additional regulations to close the loophole.

“It is outrageous that the schemes attempt to charge huge obligations and handling fees in what appears to be an attempt to prevent people from having pets in their homes,” she said. “This clearly goes against the spirit of the recent changes to the laws on social layers defended by our party.

“These were designed to ensure that the strata complexes are animal-friendly, but this is a blatant attempt to circumvent the new laws and effectively prevent people from sharing their homes with an animal by doing so. making it financially prohibitive. This affects the ability of families to save animals from pounds, or for victims of domestic and family violence to seek new homes with their pets. “

Willian and Georgia say pets are part of the family, especially after going through COVID.Credit:Wolter Peeters.

A spokesperson for Northview said he “is not inclined to accept [Nine’s] suggests talking about strata and pets.

The NSW government has just released its review of the Strata Act and says it has “become aware of certain practices which may defeat the purpose of reforms and produce unfair results “.

It recommends that its customer service continue to monitor the operation of the new pet laws to “determine if further legislative changes are needed” to prevent such movements.

Meanwhile, another pet owner in Northview, Geoffrey Grasso, 56, who worked in human resources, said the proposed bail amounts to a ban on keeping an animal in an apartment “on the sly” .

“I would like to see a glimmer of evidence that a dog has already caused damage to the common property of our building,” he said. “Someone’s child is much more likely to cause damage. It’s an absurd connection, and it’s clearly designed to prevent people from having pets.

Ms. Dawson agrees. “This link punishes someone for just having a pet,” she said. “Most pet owners are responsible people and this is not a fair decision.”


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