This dog care company wants your dogs to have all-natural, vegetarian, and gluten-free treats.

The fact that they have a beloved dog as “chief of entertainment” isn’t the only thing that stands out about the local dog care business that produces treats for other beloved dogs. Dogsee was founded by Bhupendra Khanal and Sneh Sharma, and the center of their inspiration was Mowgli, the company’s “CEO”, whose compensation includes only the best treats. Dog parents want to help other dog parents provide the same love, care and effort – and vegetarian treats for their dogs.

Khanal said that as dog parents, they always struggled to find healthy treat options for Mowgli. “But as pet parents, we struggled to find healthy treat options for Mowgli. Most of the treats available on the market were made from rawhide, a by-product of the leather industry. Rawhide is usually treated with strong chemicals and preservatives and ends up being very harmful to dogs,” he said.

But during a trip to the High Himalayas, the duo discovered “chhurpi”, a hard yak cheese. “We saw the dogs stealing these treats and gnawing on them. With its bone-like hardness, we realized this cheese could become a healthy alternative to rawhide treats. That’s when we decided to introduce this healthy treat to pet owners around the world,” Khanal said.

Khanal explained that chewing is crucial to a dog’s health and the most popular chew toy on the market is rawhide. This helps dogs maintain strong jaws, clean teeth and fresher breath. But as dog parents become more cautious about the effect of rawhide, there is a general increase in demand for healthier substitutes. Khanal said Dogsee Chew is the only all-natural substitute, but the rawhide market is huge. In the United States alone, the rawhide market is worth over $5 billion.

“Despite being vegetarian, Dogsee is still 60% protein, high in calcium and hard to chew. There is huge potential in the pet food industry in India with pet parents increasingly looking for healthy and organic food options,” Khanal said, further adding that there is an increase the desire to spend more on quality, healthy and natural products.

While all-natural treats can ease the conscience of dog parents, what do dogs think of these “green” treats? Khanal cited a study conducted in 2021 that indicated that for dogs, a vegan diet is just as tasty as a regular diet. “Vegetarian diets are healthier and safer for dogs than conventional meat-based diets, as long as they are nutritionally complete. Some researchers have found that almost half of dogs fed conventional diets meat-based required non-common medications, but only a third of dogs fed vegetarian diets did so,” he said.

Khanal said Dogsee treats are a good natural source of multivitamins, calcium (over 2000mg of calcium per 100g) and enough protein (over 60%).

Gluten-free, grain-free, and natural treats control allergens but pose no dietary restrictions. Khanal said several foods and treats on the market are made up of more than ten ingredients, which could make a particular pet allergic. But Dogsee is entirely made of milk – 99.9%. He said Dogsee Chew and their single-ingredient freeze-dried treats in Dogsee Crunch are naturally hypoallergenic products.

To guarantee these natural products, the company has five state-of-the-art carbon-neutral manufacturing and processing plants in different parts of Karnataka, producing 200 tons of dog treats in a month. They work with over 25,000 villagers in the hills and dairies to source the raw material for these treats.

“A month-long process to make our chews is what makes them special. We still follow the age-old traditional method of making, and the added touch that makes the chews special is that they are smoke-dried for 30 days in the hills,” Khanal said.

The carbon neutral company aims to make its factories also carbon negative. “Dogsee is designed to succeed while caring for its customers, the environment and making a profit. We are a company backed by real people who cautiously ride the wave of awareness and find gratitude in handling our responsibility to the Earth,” Khanal said, adding that making money is just a by-product. They have already switched to 100% solar power and are working to reduce plastic use by 50% by the end of the year.

The company also plans to expand in the coming months and strengthen its workforce. “We are also increasing our investment in factories for the production and processing of Himalayan Chews and other products, and plan to add more than 400 people to our factories this year. We now have global reach, and our plan is to use that reach to launch more products, go further and increase revenue,” he said.

Dogsee is present in more than 5,000 retail stores in 30 countries. They have more than 30 storage units and a sales volume of more than 100 tons per month. Khanal said 10% of their business takes place domestically and 90% overseas, mostly in the EU, UK, Japan, US and China.

The company was more export-oriented before the lockdown, but COVID-19 gave them the opportunity to focus on the Indian market, fine-tune their infrastructure and other internal processes, Khanal said. .

He said the goal is to become Asia’s most natural pet supplies brand, with a significant global presence. But as far as the competition is concerned, he thinks there is enough space for everyone at this stage. “At the stage the pet industry is at right now, it offers everyone who makes a difference in the lives of pets to coexist and grow,” he said.

As discussions of expansion take place, so do discussions of finances. The company has grown quarter over quarter and has grown 200% over the past two years. “We were profitable until October 2021; that’s when we raised the first round of funding. And, we are already heading towards profitability again. We will be positive again by the end of this year,” Khanal said.

This year, they secured $6.7 million in Series A funding from Mankind Pharma and Sixth Sense Ventures. In November 2021, they secured $7 million in their pre-Series A funding round from Sixth Sense Ventures.

Dogsee also plans to increase its offerings. It recently added three new product lines – Dogsee Veda which offers a range of Ayurvedic shampoos for their dogs, Dogsee Singles, 100% natural hard chew bars made with Himlayan cheese available in carrot and coconut flavors, and Dogsee Play Treatoy, non-toxic chew-cum-toy treats.

Also in the works are their healthy Dogsee Gigabites biscuits, nutritional treats for cats, Catsee Chew, and treats for small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits, Petsee Bites.

Dogsee also aims to launch cat products in September.

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