This self-cleaning litter box is over 50% off until the end of the first day tonight


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As we continue to purchase discounts on the second day of Amazon Prime Day, the offers continue. Pet owners have seen significant savings on food, supplies, safety tools, grooming devices, toys and more. And if you’re a cat owner looking to keep your home cool and clean while your pet relieves itself, there are still plenty of litter box deals out there right now. One in particular that caught our attention is a huge markdown on this LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

It is currently for more than 50 percent off its original price of $ 141 thanks to a 17% discount and the addition of an on-site coupon that customers can apply at checkout. This brings the handy pet device down to just $ 69 – not to mention, Prime members get free shipping.

Because it’s self-cleaning, it saves cat owners a lot of time. No manual pickup is necessary with the automatic rake that removes waste directly from the litter box. Buyers say it’s easy to use, too. There are three simple steps: fill the center of the litter box with your favorite type of cub, load the receptacle and charcoal filter into their designated sides, and let it work its magic for up to seven days. After a week, you’ll want to replace the receptacle and charcoal filter, and add some fresh litter to the box.

In addition to an on / off mode, there is a ‘clean’ setting that triggers the rake to start moving waste into the receptacle (in other words, ‘removing’ dirty litter) from it- even. You can opt for an automatic cleaning setting or turn off the automatic function and manually press the cleaning button when you want to start the rake instead. The box also has motion sensors that detect the presence of something inside, so the self-cleaning feature doesn’t start with your pet inside.

Thanks to the high walls that surround the litter, cat owners don’t have to worry about particles scattered around their home after their pet has searched. It’s important to keep in mind that the box is designed for a single cat weighing up to 15 pounds, so cat families can’t jump in and use it at the same time.

Buy it! LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box, $ 68.58 with coupon (orig. $ 140.99);

The package includes nine pounds of corn cob litter, a removable automatic rake, a shovel and rake cleaner, and a trash can with carbon filters. Carbon filters and corn cob litter are designed to neutralize unpleasant odors to help reduce the odor.

Over 1,700 Amazon buyers have given the device a five-star rating. “I can’t express how wonderful it is not to have to pick up and scratch every day and not get it all,” one shared. “My laundry room doesn’t stink anymore, litter doesn’t follow everywhere and my cat is happy to have a clean litter box whenever she needs it.”

Some users have reported that the litter box is not very easy to clean if you have a cat peeing in the corners, but others say it all depends on the type of litter box used. “Any brand of silica and / or clumping plant based litter works great,” one person wrote.

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