Thor is an energetic young man who loves attention


Hello everyone:

I am Thor! I am a 1 year old pit bull mix dog. The most important thing I can tell your readers is that I love attention, so I need a house that can provide a lot for me! I love to take long walks, run in the fields, I am super affectionate (give me animals and scratches and I will show you how happy I am)!

I am very energetic so I would need someone who can keep up with me! Walk with me, run with me, walk with me! I tend to get a little anxious when I’m alone for too long. A loving family with teenagers would be wonderful, but I’d rather be the only pet in the house.

I promise lots of fun, laughs, hugs and adventures. Thanks, Winston.

– Love, Thor

Winston says:

Hi Thor, you are the perfect pet for someone! It’s central New York City, after all, and there is so much to do outdoors in the fall. Readers, stop by and visit this sweet boy and see if he suits you and also read the following information on high energy dogs!

– Regards, Winston

Put those dog brains to work

Because high-energy dogs often have active minds, games and mental stimulation activities are great when you and your dog are at home.

There are many puzzles and puzzle games on the market, but you can also work with items you already have on hand at home. The AKC describes three homemade cognitive games:

Hot and Cold Verbal Communication: Hide a treat, then react excitedly if your dog approaches. Use a calm voice when they walk away.

Treats on a string: Tie a treat to a ribbon. Your dog uses reasoning and investigative skills to learn how to pull this handy treat.

Nesting Treat Bowls: Stack a tower of plastic storage containers with one treat in the bottom container (and one in the top for beginners) to teach your dog to understand each level.

Winston says more:

We are looking for volunteers! We could definitely use the help of wonderful and caring volunteers to help us with the laundry, dishes and many other chores!

Adoption updates

Cats: Buffy, Ebony Rose, Grayson, Caleigha, Stasia, Jonah, Kylie, Miracle, Cheddar Puff, Maleigha, Bugle, Bo, Blackmore, Vanessa, Vinnie, Mouse, Tilly, Speckles, Nemo, Dory

Dogs: Smokey, Jomell, Astrid, Gideon, Jacob

Congratulations to everyone for finding their furry home – hurray!

Wish list


Toys for large dogs


Plastic spoons

Laundry detergent (unscented for sensitive skin)

Cat trees, towers, perches or jungle gyms

We have updated our Amazon Wish List (ship to: 6247 Lampear Road, Rome, NY 13440):

Temporary schedules

We have temporarily reduced our hours. The new hours are: noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday.

How you can help
the shelter

Become a member


Donate (you can specify where you want your donation to go: medical fund, sterilization / sterilization fund, construction fund or general fund)

Also, did you know that if you love animals but can’t adopt right now, you can still help?

Sponsor the cost of an animal while it lives in the shelter (paying for expenses for its food, care, etc.)

Sponsor the cost of adopting an animal

Sponsor the cost of sterilizing an animal

Stop at any time!

You can stop by the refuge, 6247 Lampear Road, anytime we are open! While it is helpful to our staff if you are making an appointment to abandon or adopt an animal, it is not necessary.

Plus, you don’t need an appointment to donate. We invite you to come through our refuge and look forward to seeing you.

Science Diet pet food available

We have Science Diet pet food that you can buy direct from us! We have food for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats.

Additionally, if your pet is on a special diet and needs a particular type of Science Diet food, we can order it for you. We may have it in stock, so please call 315-336-7070 and ask. If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you! We will also be more than happy to bring your order straight to your car.

And we have colorful t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale at the shelter – buy one as a gift for someone special and one for yourself too.

Remember that anything you buy from us, whether it is food or clothing, helps support the shelter and the animals it serves.

Also necessary at the refuge

Cat articles

Clumping and non-clumping litter

Delicious licky treats (bisque style) various flavors

The Friskies variety of broth contains various flavors

Meow Mix (any size of bag)

Purina Kitten Chow (any size)

Greenies pill pouches for cats

Excavators (small size)

Little mice, little pom poms, cat chopsticks small paper food trays

Ceramic pots for food and water – small and large

Cardboard scratch pads with refills

Cat trees, all sizes (new) or in very good condition

Dogs Articles

Greenies Pill Pockets for capsules and tablets

Cesar Original Pate ‘trays

Chewable, all sizes

Pork Chops, Pork Ears

Soft treats: bacon slices, pupperoni, canine to go, all flavors

Squeaky Dog Toys

Nylon collars, especially for large dogs

General Shelter Supplies

Drawstring Garbage Bags: 13 gallon tall kitchen, 39 gallon lawn / leaf

Non-foaming bleach

25 gallon plastic bins with lids

Laundry baskets

Large 32 gallon plastic trash cans with lid and wheels.

Mid-Size Latex-Free Exam Room Gloves

Contact us

For more information, call 315-336-7070 or go online at

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