‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 2 Cam is a Sexy Self-Describing Nerd


The first four episodes of season 2 of Too hot to handle it hit Netflix on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, and it’s safe to say that they haven’t been short of action. Welsh idol Cam Holmes rose to fame thanks to his eccentric personality, his vast knowledge of everything Marvel and The Lord of the Rings-bound, and of course, his positively faint-worthy eight-pack. So what else is there to know about Cam?

“Too Hot to Handle” star Cam Holmes describes himself as a “sexy nerd”.

As the 24-year-old Newport native explained in a promotional clip, he loves everything about fantasy. Arguably, the niche interest immediately helped him stand out from the crowd – and his impression of Gollum was just the icing on the cake.

“I’m a slash model personal trainer. The Lord of the Rings, Wonder, Star wars, Harry Potter. I was playing World of warcraft a lot, “Cam said.” I’m a nerd. Sexy nerd. “

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Cam has 86,400 followers on Instagram and 19,100 on TikTok. His impeccable appearance, keen sense of style, and humorous video sketches have helped him gain a loyal fan base.

Most of Cam’s TikTok videos explore the ups and downs of contemporary dating. Take, for example, the TikTok capturing the sheer terror of having to watch someone scroll through your Instagram feed and take action seconds before you start devouring your direct message content.

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Cam also explained her dating philosophy in a promotional clip for Season 2 of Too hot to handle it.

“I’ve been single for four years. Why stick with one girl when I can share that with a bunch of girls?” Cam said. “I can’t be selfish.”

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“One day I could be a little pushy. One day I could be sensitive, be pretty deep. Other days I could be extremely weird and funny,” Cam added. “I’m a big fish in a small pond, and I’m ready to dive into the big, deep ocean.”

Despite her insistence on being single, Cam may have found someone special on “THTH”.

Cam befriended London-based model Emily Miller soon after arriving at the Too hot to handle it villa located on the Turks and Caicos Islands. The duo wasted no time, exchanging several kisses in the first few episodes.

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Their ability to create a meaningful connection has been well received by most fans. However, their cast mates might have felt differently. The price of $ 100,000 began to decline rapidly. Cam and Emily were probably at risk of racking up a hefty bill by participating in makeup sessions and other activities.

Cam Holmes and Emily Miller

Source: Netflix

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A lot Too hot to handle it fans believe Cam and Emily’s bond was strong enough to pass the test, with some claiming they may have continued dating after leaving the villa. What is the truth ? Only time will tell.

The first four episodes of Too hot to handle it are now available on Netflix. The next batch of episodes will be available on June 30, 2021.

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