Top Show Entries Open For New Zealand Office Dog Competition


The annual search for the country’s best canine colleague is underway as of Monday. Now in its sixth year, the Frog Recruitment Top Office Dog competition celebrates Kiwi workplaces – including home offices – where mutts are an integral part of the business.

In addition to the Top Office Dog, Top Dog with a Job and People’s Choice Awards, 2021 sees a new category included in the competition – Top Dog-Friendly Workplace. The new award will honor a Kiwi organization that puts people first by recognizing the important role a four-legged friend plays in the health and well-being of its employees. The organization can be a single dog show or pack – although we’ve heard that the more dogs at work the better!

“For the new category, we ask companies why they created a dog friendly space at work and what has been the impact on the lives of their employees in any way,” says Shannon Barlow, Managing Director of Frog Recruitment.

“Four-legged support can manifest itself in myriad ways in the workplace and the Top Office Dog competition celebrates dogs that help their employees do their best, as well as their presence improving the mental health of their owner and their staff. colleagues. They are also known to contribute to a positive work culture, ”explains Shannon.

With millions of New Zealand workers currently limited to staying at home under Level 4 lockdown, having a business dog has been shown to improve well-being. Research conducted by Frog Recruitment in April 2020 found that while there was a sharp increase in employee burnout, having a canine colleague at work also had a positive impact, especially on mental health. of the workforce working at home.

“Dogs in the office or home office help their owners and coworkers by providing positive benefits, including improving morale, reducing absenteeism and stress-related illnesses, and helping to improve physical and mental health.” of employees, ”explains Shannon.

Frog created the national wellness competition in 2015, and each year, more than 420,000 people participate via social networks.

The premium trophy, New Zealand’s Top Office Dog, will be awarded to a dog who demonstrates their commitment to improving the working lives of their fellow humans. Category winners each win $ 1,000 in Petstock Prizes, and finalist winners earn $ 250 in Petstock Prizes.

Judging will be performed by sponsors Petstock, Frog Recruitment and Mark Vette, dog trainer and behaviorist. Last year’s Top Dog was Jagger, a rescue dog who “works” at Chained Dog Rehabilitation in Birkdale, Auckland.

“Jagger, a crossbreed mastiff, is a vital member of the staff, who acts as a foster brother to the closed, neglected and abused dogs that arrive at the rescue center. He supports them all and they relax around him. All dogs love him – he’s a dog that teaches other dogs to speak the same language, ”says Shannon.

Registrations for the competition are open from August 30. Visit to fill out the registration form and upload a photo of the best dog in your workplace to Instagram. The public vote for the People’s Choice dog will take place in September, with the winners announced by Frog Recruitment at the world’s largest Zoom meeting featuring dogs on September 28.

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