TRIFO Ollie Pet Edition AI Robot Vacuum, with Laser Pointer, Air Freshener and 1080p Camera

Here’s a company that knows how to get the most out of a robot vacuum designed for pet owners. It doesn’t just pick up pet hair and random messes on the floor (pet food, dust, dirt, scraps, etc.), but it’s designed to be something that entertains pets on the move while giving the owner some toys to play with too. The TRIFO Ollie AI Robot Vacuum (Pet Edition) does a great job of keeping your home clean while still delivering it all.

So what makes this vacuum so special? For one, it has a built-in 1080p camera that lets the owner log in through the app and watch the vacuum as it cleans. Not only that, but it also has a built-in speaker that lets you talk like most security cameras.

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You can use this camera access to keep an eye on your home while you’re away to make sure everything is okay, as well as talk to and watch your pets while they sleep or play (or catch them red-handed). as they get into difficulty).

The robot does all the driving, but you can log in anytime via your phone to check the camera to see what it sees. You can, of course, control the robot in other ways. Like controlling when it cleans, which rooms to clean and adjusting the map accordingly (just like any robot vacuum) with things like no-go zones. The app is very user-friendly and provides a long list of features and settings to play with.

So what else makes it special? It has a built-in air freshener with replaceable scents you can install (it has a few to get you started). As well as a laser pointer that can detach and be used manually when you’re at home (obviously better for cat owners). When attached to the robot, it can be used to turn and entertain animals while it vacuums. It’s a fun feature that no other vacuum seems to have invented.

So not only does it clean your floors, but it also plays with your pets (well, mostly cats, unless you have dogs that react to lasers), and keeps your home fresh. All while providing you with a remote connection to see everything on your phone (which doubles as a security feature).

Beyond that, it looks a lot like any other robot vacuum. It features the typical round body with a single brush at the bottom (fewer models come with two brushes for some reason). The front has a tactile bumper that lets it feel around, as well as a section in the center that the camera sees out from.

The top has two buttons, one to turn the robot on and off (if you want to turn it off completely) and one to send it home (return to the base station to recharge it). Of course, you won’t be using the button as often since you can send it home using the app, or hands-free using your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (if you have one of those). devices).

Flipping the lid reveals the trash can inside as well as a small reset button to completely reset the robot so you can join it on a new network (or start fresh in case something goes wrong for some reason) . There is also a Wi-Fi status indicator.

You won’t find the small comb/blade tool that many of these models have. Companies usually include one under the lid as a solution when strings or hair get caught in the roller under the robot.

Instead, TRIFO includes an accessory that replaces the main roller and the plastic door. It’s called “No Tangle Pet Hair Extractor”, which allows you to focus on areas covered in pet hair without having to worry about tangles inside the robot. Even saving you from worrying about cutting anything lost from the roll. Unless, of course, you forget to redeem it before using the robot.

Looking at the dust bin, you will find the filter that is usually located there to help comb the air that passes through the robot. It’s one of the few replaceable parts of the robot and you can usually make it last longer by periodically tapping it against a hard surface (preferably outdoors) to get rid of any collected debris. The brush is really the only other replaceable item, but luckily it usually takes a long time to wear out (can’t say I’ve known anyone who’s replaced it yet, on any which model).


When it comes to the quality of the robot’s feature set, it’s easy to praise it. The pet version of the Ollie (which is the one we tested) has an increased suction rate of 4000Pa, which is pretty decent for a robot vacuum. That’s enough to make a difference when it comes to getting all those hairs off the carpet.

Many entry-level robot vacuums are stuck in the 2000-3000Pa range, which is fine for basic tasks in environments that aren’t plagued by common messes or pet hair. When you get to the 4000-5000 range, you really start to understand why you invested money in one.

Not only that, but for the price (currently $299) it makes for a good spec to have with all the robot has to offer. It is absolutely a fair deal and worth taking advantage of.

The camera isn’t the best camera out there, but it’s by no means the worst or even the average. It has color and monochrome night vision (for environments with little or no light) and allows you to clearly see everything in its path. Enough to say it’s a mid-level 1080p camera, for sure (which is fine for a vacuum cleaner).

Aromatic scents to freshen the air as it’s clean are also a nice touch, if a bit unique. For the best effect, you might want a plug-in unit that vaporizes air on a schedule if you really want a good effect. This and the refills for it are completely proprietary and not available in normal stores (where plug-in units can usually be found at many outlets, including grocery stores).

As for the laser, it’s a fantastic feature for a robot dedicated to animal lovers. Assuming you have a pet that reacts to lasers, at least (chasing lasers). The ability to detach it is fun, but watching a cat chase the laser while the vacuum cleans would also be hilarious (none of us are our own cat owners, so we didn’t really get to experience it ourselves). themselves in this way).

(video credit: Trifo)

Its ability to really make a dent in dirty carpets is a plus. Again, with 4000Pa of suction power, it’s enough to make a huge difference when used on a set schedule (once or twice a week). Via the app, this is fully automated in the settings, so you never have to be there or hold anything unless it gets caught up in something.

As always, you want to make sure your cleaning environment is free of strings, cables/cords, or anything else that typically gets sucked into vacuums. It is the same for any robot vacuum cleaner. They’re getting smarter and smarter, but they always seem to get caught in wires if you’re not careful to hide them.

That being said, it uses the camera to identify objects, which goes beyond just using the front bumper. He will be able to avoid obstacles a little better. Just like modern drones or electronic vehicles (but not as advanced as those). Hopefully this will improve as firmware is updated over time. TRIFO was one of those companies (like ECOVACS) that paid a lot of attention to object recognition via AI.

TRIFO Ollie robot vacuum cleaner - Object recognition

It fully supports Alexa and Google devices so it can be controlled via your voice. Thanks to these hubs, it can also be integrated into routines that also allow it to interact with other events or devices. You just need to be comfortable enough with either digital assistant to use these features. Hopefully, TRIFO runs on an API, allowing for deeper integration with other ecosystems/hubs (like Home Assistant, SmartThings, Smart Life and others).

Our conclusion

It’s a nice robot vacuum cleaner to test in recent days. It is very effective and does a great job with pet hair. The tangle-free attachment that replaces the pet hair brush is a nice feature that many other models don’t take into account. Instead, they just expect you to dig out the constant tangles in the scroll. So it’s quite nice to see because it’s less effort on your part and that’s the whole point of owning a robot.

Due to the tough jobs it is designed for, we think it would benefit from a dust collection bin on the dock to make it the perfect product. It’s nice not having to empty the trash inside so much. With a collection bin on the quay, it can be emptied as many times. Greatly reduces the number of times you have to empty it. However, this model does not have this unfortunately. It’s not a deciding factor as he still managed to come away with an incredible score from us.

If you are a pet owner, this model should definitely be at the top of your candidate list.

Our assessment

9 / ten stars

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