Tunbridge World’s Fair goes to the dogs, show the dogs who’s

TUNBRIDGE, Vermont (WCAX) – The Tunbridge World’s Fair is known for its agriculture and animals, so it’s fitting that once a year the fairgrounds also host a dog show.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes strut their stuff at the annual Vermont Scenic Circuit Dog Show.

Lisa Williams from Waitsfield showed off her dog Rinck for the very first time.

“It was pretty good for me,” she said. “His puppy brain is out.”

Rinck is a Beauceron, a rare breed known for its agility and intelligence.

“I just feel like I’m doing the breed and his lineage, an incredible lineage, a disservice if I don’t get him out here,” Williams said.

Professional handlers were also present. For Diana Mason, it’s the work of a lifetime.

“I love dogs, I love working with dogs and that’s just my life,” Mason said.

The Woodstock and Green Mountain Kennel Clubs are co-hosting the show. It attracts owners and handlers from across the country.

“They come here because they love being out of the country,” said Adrienne Soler of the Woodstock Dog Club.

This is an American Kennel Club event. Approximately 1,000 dogs are judged daily on their breed, obedience and performance.

“Lots of dogs that have won best in show at our shows and have won best in show at Westminster,” Soler said.

It is one of the best competitions in the world, although many are not there for the ribbons, but rather for the love of their dogs.

“People who understand that you are so invested in this part of your family. And I think that’s really why we love this stuff,” said Jane Hamilton of Maine.

The four-day event is open to the public at no charge. Organizers say it’s a great opportunity for people to not only see beautiful animals, but also get a better understanding of what breed may be right for them.

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