Vet shares warning on important things dog owners should avoid this winter

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  • A canine expert has issued a warning to dog owners telling them to avoid making a specific mistake this winter.

    Veterinary expert Sean McCormack advised never to use dog boots for your furry friend when walking him on freezing or snowy winter days.

    He says that while dog booties may look adorable on winter walks, they can cause your pet more harm than good.

    Winter boots, which often have a flexible sole and Velcro straps to keep dogs comfortable when walking in cold weather, can be “extremely hard to fit” for dogs. As temperatures are set to drop in the coming days, dog owners have also been warned to wash their pets’ paws to protect them from the deadly salt.

    While snow and ice can also be a concern for pet owners, Sean pointed out, “In general, dog boots won’t cause your dog any pain, however, they can feel uncomfortable. , which is why I advise against buying them.

    “Dogs have a really hard time adapting to wearing boots because they weigh down their legs and limit their movement.”

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    The paw pads of dogs are made up of a layer of pigmented skin that covers fatty tissue and is usually pink or black in color. Since grease insulates, these pads provide some protection against cold surfaces. The pads are so tough that Sean insists they can handle snow and ice.

    There’s no doubt that as a pet owner you might be worried, so Blue Cross experts have offered some tips on how to tell if your dog needs boots.

    The charity noted: “If your dog starts lifting his paws, whining or stopping during his walks, it could well be because his feet are too cold, so it’s a good idea to invest in dog winter boots to wear.”

    Sean also recommends applying petroleum jelly to the pads to keep them from cracking.

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    And amid animal lovers’ fears that cats and dogs are catching coronavirus, vets have issued a warning about a mysterious illness that is occurring in pooches who have been walked on beaches in northern England, particularly in Yorkshire.

    More than 150 pets have been hit with a mysterious vomiting and diarrhea virus after their owners walked them on Yorkshire beaches including Bridlington, Scarborough and Hornsea.

    It is still unclear what is causing the disease and local authorities are currently investigating the concerning trend.

    Veterinarian Brogan Proud wrote on Facebook: “I work in several practices along the North East coast and we have recently been inundated with dogs coming off the beaches with vomiting and diarrhoea.

    “I personally wouldn’t recommend taking your pets to the beach for the foreseeable future until local authorities figure things out,” she added.

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