Villagers at work: overwhelming reactions as dog eats owner’s US passport, video goes viral Nigeria news


  • Dog ate its owner’s US passport and the dog could be seen in a video with remorse
  • The video was shared on Instagram and while some called on the dog’s owner to punish the animal, others said the dog should be forgiven.
  • Some social media users simply flooded the comments section of the post to laugh, claiming the dog knew he had done something wrong.

A dog ate its owner’s US passport and Nigerians on social media reacted to the video of the damaged travel document.

The video was shared on Instagram by @krakstv, who wrote:

“Imagine waiting months for your passport and your dog doing this to him. I’ll use am do asun.”

The animal felt remorse after eating its owner’s passport. Photo credit: @krakstv
Source: Instagram

The passport owner captured the document on camera to show the level of damage the dog caused him. The owner then opened a door and saw the dog in the backyard feeling a little guilty.

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As expected, Nigerians on social media flooded the comments section of the post to share their thoughts, as some noted the dog knew he had done something wrong.

Below are some comments:

An Instagram user with the handle @tessianbeauty said:

“He knows he did something wrong.

@aisha_kogi wrote:

“That wise dog sha, see how humble he is, Abeg no beat am o.”

@ c.agu_1124 commented:

“The funny thing is that dogs know they’ve done something wrong.”

@adas_clothier wrote:

“Passport wey I go don put my box down …”

@cycinnati said:

“The people of the village at work.”

Dog warms hearts as it watches owner’s sleeping children at night

In other news, a loyal dog warmed people’s hearts on social media with his nighttime routine. The dog checks his owner’s children at night each time they sleep to make sure they are okay.

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@dailymail on Instagram shared a video of the dog performing his nighttime routine and many social media users were in awe.

In the heartwarming video, the dog moved from room to room to check on the children.


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