Walker dog owner appeals for information after beloved pet dies in vicious attack

A devastated dog owner has appealed for information after his beloved Patterdale terrier was killed by another dog in a vicious attack.

It happened last Sunday, when Debbie Cook was strolling behind the Technic Factory in Walker with her daughter. Her dog Suggs was attacked by a “huge dog” which she said the owner “had no control over”.

The animal lunged at its pet twice, and the second attack proved fatal. Suggs suffered “horrifying injuries”, meaning he died in Debbie’s arms on the way to the vets.

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Debbie, 47, explained: “He was seriously injured after the first lunge but would probably have survived. But the dog came back for Suggs, dragging the owner with him and grabbing him.

“At the time, my daughter and I were screaming and being hysterical. I told the man he was going to kill him, and his response was ‘I know’.

“As people were starting to arrive I phoned my friend to take us to the vet and the man slipped away. We are devastated and traumatised.

“I don’t want anyone else going through what we’re going through right now. I can’t believe my beautiful boy is gone.

“I still can’t believe it happened. God forbid it was a kid walking along the way.”

Debbie said she reported the incident to Northumbria Police but was told there was “nothing they could do”. Under current law, a dog-on-dog attack is not a legal offence.

But according to the RSPCA, a court could prosecute if a person thinks they would have been harmed if they had tried to stop a dog from attacking their animal. Debbie continued: “They said they would only get involved if a dog attacked someone unless it could be proven to be a dangerous dog.

“It’s clearly dangerous, and I told them I hope it won’t be a child next time. I intend to reconnect with them and push for more action.”

She has since been trying to find the man and his dog herself, and is appealing for anyone with information to come forward. Describing the attacking dog, she said: “The dog was huge, mostly dark tan and brown in color and had white around the face, which I remember because it was covered in blood.

“I believe it was some sort of cross, maybe with a Saint Bernard or a Mastiff. The man was tall, thin, white, with short blond hair on his face. He had a hooded coat , so I didn’t notice much else about him, mostly because I was more focused on the dogs.”

Patterdale terrier Suggs, who was tragically killed by another dog in Walker

In a message posted on social media, she said: “If you are the person responsible for this and you have any decency in you, please do the right thing. Step forward, before your dog does more damage, traumatize another family or attack a child.

“I don’t know how you can live with yourself, walking away from the utter devastation you’ve caused.

She continued: “If someone knows who that person is, or might be, and you keep your mouth shut, either to protect them or because you think it’s too complicated, then you’re just as bad. , and please reconsider.

“This dog and its owner must be found and held accountable.”

She asked anyone with information to contact her by email at [email protected]

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