Walz orders law enforcement to release body camera footage to families faster


Five days. WCCO Reports:Gov. Tim Walz is calling on state law enforcement agencies to develop policies to more quickly release body camera footage during deadly police encounters with families. It’s part of a list of executive actions announced Monday for community safety and police reform. The executive’s action means state law enforcement agencies, including the Minnesota State Patrol and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, will need to develop a policy that will allow families to “endure the crime.” loss of a loved one during a police encounter ‘of the incident within five days.

Too hot to handle it. WCCO Reports: “Some lakes in Minnesota see dead fish piling up along their shores. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said there had been an increase in the number of fish deaths statewide due to this period of warm weather. “It’s a rare event. We have such extreme drought conditions right now, ”said Tom Burri. Burri is a limnologist consultant for the MRN. He said The rapid warming of lake temperatures puts stress on fish, making them more vulnerable to infection. This resulted in large groups of dead fish in the lakes of northern Minnesota and even in cities like Burnsville and Eden Prairie.

Another blow to the arm. Kevin Wu from KARE reports:As the July 4 weekend approaches, the American Red Cross is looking for donors to deal with a blood shortage across the country. The Red Cross said blood donations generally decline in the summer. In addition, more and more people are returning to their usual activities after the pandemic – which, according to the organization, is leading to a decline in donor participation. “

Glory. Babs Santos of the KMSP reports: “The Rockford High School girls’ track and field team just stood out at the state meet and in return the town put on a parade. “They won it, but really in my heart we won it” [track and field head coach Chad] Robran told parents gathered outside the school. “We won it as a family. “It means a lot, it took a long time to come,” added state champion Cassia Cady. The first place is particularly pleasant, as it is the school’s first athletic state title in 165 years of competition. “You can always say that you were the first team in our history to win a state title,” said Superintendent Rhonda Dean.

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A timeline of the Minnesota Summer Olympians. Steve Marsh’s report from Minneapolis / Saint Paul Magazine: “1948: Verne Gagné is beaten by the future gold medalist Henry Wittenberg at the American trials. Gagné still travels to London but is bitterly disappointed when the American authorities do not allow him to fight. “

Ely in the spotlight. Dana Theide of KARE reports: “A paddler’s dream. This is just one phrase used by Smithsonian Magazine to describe Ely, a town of just under 3,400 people named by the well-respected publication as one of the 15 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2021. With quaint communities ranging from Muscle Shoals, Alabama to Bath, Maine, and Dyersville, Iowa, Ely is described by the Smithsonian as a place of value that can help humans break out of isolation and reconnect as the pandemic abates.

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