Warning to dog owners after mystery stickers appear outside homes

Worried dog owner with ‘cost-more-than-anything’ dog in her home took to social media to warn other pet owners of potential dog thieves as mysterious stickers appeared outside houses in his region.

Concerned dog owner said she fears there are dog thieves in her neighborhood

A worried pet owner who found mysterious blue stickers outside his house has warned that it could be thieves trying to snatch dogs away from their loving owners.

The little stickers have popped up outside houses with dogs in the Merseyside area, with many fearing that this is a way for bad guys to steal sometimes very expensive mutts.

Concerned dog owners have shared their own warnings on social media groups and urged dog owners across the UK to remain vigilant, WalesOnline reports.

A worried dog owner, who claims to have found a blue sticker attached to his door, said: “I woke up this morning at my door.

“I’ve never had anything like this before. Obviously I posted on the Crimewatch group just to inform pet owners and to see if anyone has had the same.

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Dog owners found mysterious blue stickers outside their homes


Wirral Animal Samaritans)

“I had a few sarcastic comments, but like I said I’m usually not the type at all of this, but I find it a little odd.”

The dog’s owner says the little blue sticker was “freshly pasted” and believes the color indicates she has male dogs.

She added: “My two dogs are males, one is worth a lot of money. I just wanted people to know here in case there was anything to worry about.”

How to protect your dog from theft

TeamDogs has published a comprehensive guide on how to protect your dog from theft.

Here are a few tips :

  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and that your contact details are up to date in the approved database.
  • Your dog should always wear a collar with your contact details on the tag when on the go.
  • Be careful with whom you leave your dog and who approaches your dog on a walk.
  • If you are leaving your dog off leash, make sure you are confident in his recall abilities.
  • Secure your yard and any gates or entrances, both against people entering and against your dog’s escape.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended, for example, alone in a car or tied up outside a store.
  • The woman has now installed CCTV cameras outside her property as a precaution.

The owner who posted the stickers on social media pointed out that one of her pets costs more than anything she has in her house.

However, she is not the only one who has found a sticker outside their home in recent days, as others have reported similar occurrences in the Birkenhead area in particular.

She said: “I really wanted people to know before it was too late. It’s disgusting how we have to live.

“Luckily I have a dog that wouldn’t let anyone near the door, but who said he wouldn’t be poisoned or something?”

“I know it’s far-fetched, but it happens and for what my new puppies are worth, it’s easy on them. This puppy is worth more than anything in my house.”

The Mirror reported last year how two quick-witted girls arrested potential dog thieves in their area after finding the signs they were using to steal pets.

Sophie and her best friend Danielle, both 10, from Sutton in north Dublin have spent hours zipping their neighbors’ trash cans and front doors.

Plastic markers are used by gangs to identify properties that have dogs – criminals also using chalk to point out if the owner is elderly, lives alone, or has an alarm.

Police had previously warned households to beware of secret signs left outside their homes.

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