Warning to dog owners because a pet is injured by a common plant while out for a walk


One dog owner warned people to be careful of grass seeds, which she says can cause serious problems for their pets and even kill them.

Jackie Sallis said she needed a vet to remove two weed seeds from one of her English Bulldog’s legs, Bella.

She said: “It is important that owners regularly check their dog’s coat as it can lead to infections and in some cases death.”

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Jackie isn’t sure where Bella got the tiny but sharp grass seed from, but thinks it was grass on the verges by a path in Hatherley in Cheltenham, where she lives.

She said the problem was with the grass with sticky tips.

“She had what looked like bites on her paw and swelling higher up on her leg,” Jackie said.

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Luckily for Bella, she was fine after removing the seeds.

The nine-year-old pet is extremely important to Jackie and she is relieved that the situation has not deteriorated further.

She added, “She represents the world to me because she helps my mental health.”

National animal charity Blue Cross said grass seeds were a common problem for dogs during the summer months.

He said, “They can get into the ears, eyes, legs and find their way under the skin.

“Dogs can shake their heads if a seed has fallen into their ears or lick their paws if a seed is stuck between their toes.

“Check your dog if you’ve walked through tall grass on a walk. “

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