Watch: Hundreds of stray animals fill the Louisiana SPCA after Hurricane Ida


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Many people across Louisiana were affected by Hurricane Ida, including man’s best friend. The Louisiana SPCA saw an influx of animals into their shelters after Hurricane Ida. As of Wednesday, September 29, the Louisiana SPCA campus had 384 animals in its care.

Ana Zorrilla, CEO of the Louisiana SPCA, has worked at the shelter for over 10 years and she said there has been a significant increase in animal numbers at this time of year compared to recent years.

“Hurricane Ida had a pretty big impact on the Louisiana SPCA, we took in abandoned dogs or dogs that came out of their backyard, we had a lot of people whose fences were destroyed and didn’t were able to secure their pets. So we had over four hundred animals that arrived just in the first few weeks after the storm. “

Zorilla is proud to say that she and her team were able to help hundreds of animals before, during and after the storm. Some animals have been transported to different states to find forever homes, while others are being cared for and in recovery to be allowed to find families.

“Before the storm, we worked really hard to remove as many adoptable animals from the area as possible. We had around 150 that we were able to transport to Texas for adoption, but that left us with almost 400 animals in the building. “Zorilla said. .

The team is still transporting cats and dogs to different states. The next group will be sent to Denver after a thorough medical examination. Before crossing state borders, animals must be examined by a licensed veterinarian and have a health certificate.

Along with adoption efforts, they are also focusing on helping pet owners who cannot care for their fur babies at the moment through a foster system.

Zorilla added, “Our neighbors in Lower Jefferson, Terrebonne and Lafourche, a lot of them don’t have a roof over their heads and are really struggling right now having pets that are sometimes theirs. only precious possession in their life before the storm. . “

911FosterPets is a resource for families dealing with the aftermath of the storm, connecting their pets to temporary foster homes. This saves these animals from having to enter a shelter and prevents owners from having to permanently abandon a pet. If someone is ready to temporarily welcome a pet, or if an owner needs temporary foster care for their pet, owners can register through

The Louisiana SPCA is not able to board pets.

Zorilla said many people have made generous donations to the shelter. The nonprofit appreciates any help it can get, whether it’s donations or hosting a pet.

If you see your pet on the Louisiana SPCA website, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Immediately file a loss report at If you are unable to complete the report yourself, call 504.368.5191 for assistance.
  2. Once the report is received, someone from the Louisiana SPCA will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment to pick up your pet.

If you’ve lost your pet and can’t see it on our website, here are the steps to take:

  1. Complete a loss report with us at to complete a loss report or call us at 504.368.5191. We crosscheck our loss reports with those we have found and the animals in our care.
  2. Post information about lost animals to your Nextdoor group and the Lost and Found Facebook groups. It is possible that your pet is with a neighbor rather than being at the shelter.
  3. Additional tips for finding a pet can be found at:

The Louisiana SPCA is still closed to the public, but offers lost and found services by appointment and answers all calls for animal control services. For the most recent information on Louisiana SPCA operations, visit or call 504.368.5191.

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