West Side Rag »MTA Agents Congratulated For Rescuing UWS Runaway Pup In Midtown Tunnel; “I’m forever grateful,” says owner of Indie


Posted on June 22, 2021 at 4:58 p.m. by Carol Tannenhauser

Indie, Heather Angus, Chief Richard Hildebrand, BTO Heather Minutello and Sgt. Orlando Caholo. Photo courtesy of MTA.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Talk about a story with “legs” – it’s the (sorry) story of Indie, the quick and brave dog who broke away from his walker on 78th Street and West End Avenue on June 8th, and took off for a seven day trip, ending up in Long Island City via the Queens-Midtown tunnel! She was rescued from tragedy by five equally swift and brave MTA officers, who quickly stopped traffic and closed the tunnel to ensure safe passage for Indie. Watch it happen in the video below:

Today, the officers received praise from the MTA, who described their actions as follows:

Informed that a dog had been seen running against traffic in the tunnel tube towards Manhattan, Sgt. Orlando Caholo has ordered oncoming traffic to be briefly stopped to avoid the possibility of an accident, which can occur when motorists swerve or suddenly stop to avoid hitting an animal running freely through the tunnel.

On orders from Sergeant Caholo, Constable Latoria Bosley, positioned at the entrance to the tunnel in Queens, prevented traffic from entering the tunnel as Constables Michael Winn and Alexander Figueroa searched for the dog in the tunnel. Indie – on a mission to reach Queens – managed to escape them, but the brief stop prevented any mishaps from happening and allowed traffic to resume quickly after the dog had passed through the tunnel safely.

Although the dog has left the tunnel, the role of MTA Bridges and Tunnels does not end there. In the aftermath of the incident, Constable Heather Minutello, who had witnessed the incident, contacted dog owner Heather Angus via social media to let her know that Indie may have walked through the tunnel. and could still be in the area. .

This trick led to the reunification of the dog and the owner, as Indie was found several days later a few blocks from the tunnel at a warehouse in Long Island City.

Heather Angus and Indie. Photo courtesy of MTA.

Heather Angus attended the awards ceremony, held in the tunnel, attended by Chief Richard Hildebrand, Vice President and COO of MTA Bridges and Tunnels. “Every day our officers work to protect New Yorkers, even all fours,” he said. “I’m proud of the work these four officers have done to keep Indie safe while ensuring that drivers can get to where they need to go.”

“Thank you for inviting Indie and I here today to thank these amazing officers,” said Heather Angus. “I will be eternally grateful for your swift action to close the tunnel and for calling out this life-saving advice. I thought we might be here to pay Indie’s toll because she wasn’t wearing an EZ Pass that day, ”she said with a laugh.

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