Wheelchairs for dogs? Local Company Designs Equipment for Disabled Animals – NBC Boston

Some pets run on two legs, others on four, but a special population of animal friends needs a little help getting around.

Walkin’ Pets in Amherst, New Hampshire, designs and sells products for disabled pets around the world. Their equipment allows animals with various disabilities to live their best lives.

Their wheelchairs allow pets with mobility issues to move on their own, blind halos help pets with vision problems navigate their surroundings, and prostheses give new life to lost limbs.

Founder and CEO Mark C. Robinson started the company in 2001 after having to put down his own dog Mercedes before his time because he didn’t have the information or the resources to give him a better life.

“When I started this business, there wasn’t the kind of awareness that pets with disabilities can live happy, healthy lives right now,” Robinson said. “Back then, when a dog couldn’t walk, it was an end-of-life crisis decision. Very often you take him to the vet, the vet recommends that you put him to sleep because he can no longer walk.

While most of their products are designed for dogs, they have also designed wheelchairs and other equipment for animals like turtles, chickens, and disabled cats.

NBC10 Boston visited its headquarters to meet disabled dogs who have found new lives in their wheelchairs. You’ll also fall in love with Mustard the Dachshund as he takes his first steps in his new wheelchair.

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