Woman Complaints, Says Chicago Animal Control Offered Dog for Adoption, Never Called Her – NBC Chicago

Karly Moran-West’s dog went missing from a Chicago backyard in January 2020 in what appeared to be a devastating loss to the city’s pet owner.

“I was very depressed,” she said. “I cried for two weeks.

But to his surprise, Moran-West’s dog was found by Animal Care and Control in Chicago. Despite a red collar embroidered with her phone number, she said she had never been contacted.

The agency’s admission forms confirmed Zeus’ name.

“A blatant violation of Illinois law by Chicago Animal Care and Control and which interrupted what should have been a meeting,” said Enterprise Law Group attorney Jonathan Rosen.

Within five days, Rosen said Zeus was transferred to a Chicago rescue and ultimately adopted by another family. The rescue did not immediately respond to NBC Chicago’s request for comment on the matter.

“The CACC did not contact Karly and failed to detain Zeus for the required seven days,” Rosen said. “CACC records show that many employees and staff interacted with Zeus before he was wrongly transferred to the Tail Salvage Foundation.”

Moran-West filed a lawsuit in what she said was an attempt to unravel Zeus’ legal transfers and find him.

“You should have a heart and give me back my dog,” she said.

She and Rosen also ask the Inspector General to investigate.

Chicago Animal Care and Control told NBC 5 in a statement it “will review the filed complaint and have no further comment as the matter is currently pending.”

“Animal control must make all reasonable efforts to contact the owner and there was nothing more reasonable than the CACC calling the number on Zeus’ collar, but this has never happened,” said Rosen.

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